In quest for (Twyliana, Rholoden)

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Re: In quest for (Twyliana, Rholoden)

Post by thuvia » Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:30 am

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*Head desk* Subtly! even when I try I am not even remotely subtle. Oh well, now everyone knows my weakness I guess. :)
Twyl had a very hard time not jumped up and whooping. Instead she stood, took another treat from the tea tray and followed Lord Fourneau out. She was starting to think there would be hope yet. I do need to hurry though I still have other people to meet.
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Re: In quest for (Twyliana, Rholoden)

Post by Daris » Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:54 am

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Ah, I was wondering if you were roleplaying or if Fourneau's suggestion had actually gone over your head. :D (Don't worry about what you missed, I'm pretty sure Twyl would have been against it anyway.)
Accompanied by a burly bodyguard, Fourneau led Twyl through the busy streets, pointing out sights that would interest a young woman on her first trip to the city.

"Now this is one of the finest fashion establishments I know of. Do make sure to get your dresses here, Mrs Railett can bring out beauty even in the ugliest face. I once had her create a livery for my bodyguard and would you believe it? He received an offer of marriage that same week!"

"Did you know, Miss Warwick, that living within the city limits is considered a privilege for the local skaa? The working conditions are much more advantageous than for those living on plantations outside, like your family's. It might be in your interest to speak to some."

"Ah, the local playhouse! Lady Truite oversees the productions and makes sure that only the most virtuous pieces are played to shape the local youth's minds! ...Speaking for your ear only, the local youth shows a strange reluctance to be inspired by those plays."

"Ah, here we are! Torrace, knock at the door! And make it snappy! I have a word to say to Mr Ralston that will make his ears ring!"
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You have arrived at Ralston's house! Please proceed to the next thread!
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