Ch 4: Digging (copied from PM)

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Ch 4: Digging (copied from PM)

Post by Claincy » Sat Jan 30, 2016 8:53 am

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I figure now we have a separate subforum for us we might as well have this hear for easier access and so the PM isn't taking up space in our inboxes :)
Herowannabe wrote:Fidel enters the room to find Dedrie sitting on a stool right by the doorway. Gen is across the room, drying his face with a towel.

Dedrie turns to Fidel, and asks, "Is there something you need?"
Claincy wrote:Gen raises an eyebrow at Fidel but doesn't say anything.
Kurkistan wrote:Fidel takes another stool—presumably the one Locks had been using—for himself and answers. "Jaira's given me the job of interrogating our alien friend here."

Turning away from the muscle, Fidel focuses on Gen.

"So, 'Gen'. There's been a bit of confusion surrounding your actions and their explanation. I must say I myself didn't appreciate putting in all that time and effort investigating Kenner's death only for you to up and confess. Robs some of the fun out of it."

Fidel leans back in a non-menacing fashion.

"It wasn't all a waste, though: it seems our fearless leader recognized my efforts during the initial investigation into your crimes, and so has placed me in charge of managing our information-gathering in regards to you."

Fidel is quite proud of how non-menacing he can be.
Herowannabe wrote:Dedrie grunts and shrugs, then leans back to watch the show.
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@Kurkistan: Also, I assume you meant Jerrard, not Locks.
Claincy wrote:"Congratulations." Gen responded drily.
Kurkistan wrote: "Thank you. It's all quite intriguing."

Fidel switches modes.

"Let's begin with some basic demographics, then. I've heard some rather confusing reports, so let's just hear it all from the horse's mouth: Please state your"
  • Full name
  • Age
  • Birthplace
  • Education
    • Of the martial variety, I assume? "Thieves" don't tend to carry around magic swords.
  • Current occupation
  • Previous occupation (if any)
  • Political allegiance
  • "Previous" political allegiance (if any)
  • Species
Fidel ticks off each of these on a finger as he goes, perhaps putting a tad more emphasis on the last few.
Claincy wrote:Gen considers for a second, organising his thoughts before speaking.

"My name's Khav. I'm 27 thought I don't know if that means the same thing here. I am from Jah Keved, not that you'd have the faintest idea where that is. I'm a thief, and I've always been one, probably always will be. I owe allegiance to nobody and um, I'm human, thanks for asking. I have a feeling I may have forgotten something you asked..."
Kurkistan wrote:Fidel nods along, jotting down a few notes on a scrap of paper.

"You neglected to mention your previous political allegiances and your education. The later question ties in neatly to the whole 'using a magic sword to murder our compatriot' issue that I'd been planning to move on to next."

"But if you'd prefer we could save that for later and you could expand on your birthplace; where 'ages' mean something else, apparently. Or on why exactly you're here—murdering people—if you'd like to circle back 'round to the original point."
Claincy wrote:"Oh right. I've never held allegiance to any political faction, they can all storm off for all I care. My brother wanted to become a soldier and I helped him practice, never had a proper education for anything."

"I'm not here to murder people, I'm here to avenge my brothers murder on one particular person. I was chasing him that night and I'd just lost sight of him when Kenner came up behind me, didn't realise it was him not that storm-cursed bastard till he was already dead. There's not a lot of leeway with a shardblade. It misses, you're crippled or your dead." Khav scowls as he speaks.
Kurkistan wrote:"I see. We're going with the 'oops I accidentally murdered your Seeker with a magic sword while trying to intentionally murder a blood foe—who I tracked across continents—with the aforementioned magic sword' angle."

Fidel doesn't sigh.

"I suppose it's about time we see the thing, then: would you care to expand on the nature of the weapon with which you did the deed? Perhaps a demonstration, if you do it cautiously so that Dedrie here doesn't feel a need to preemptively fill you with holes?"

After saying this, Fidel takes a moment to swallow and start burning a vial of copper. No need to blow their cover if Dedrie had to become... active.

"Actually... do you know if this thing of yours sends off Allomantic pulses?"
Claincy wrote:Khav holds his hand out to the side then pauses as Fidel speaks again. "Er, what pulses?"
Kurkistan wrote:"You slice a man's soul in half and you didn't even know what his job was? You know, 'listening' for the 'sounds' that Allomancers send off when they leap tall buildings or perforate unruly prisoners? The reason why I have a job being because I can hide those 'sounds'? Anything ringing a bell?"
Claincy wrote:"...No. This place is storming strange."
Kurkistan wrote:"So you were just like 'that Locks there must be quite a soothing fellow, but why are they making such a big deal of it?' or 'tobacco is a serious health risk, that Fidel shouldn't be so ready to define his identity by his smoking' during the introductions? How long did you say you've been here?"
Claincy wrote:"I was...well, am fairly confused about what you all can do. I only got here a few weeks ago."
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It's interesting playing someone who doesn't really understand Allomancy.
Kurkistan wrote:"'A few weeks ago'? What, did you sprout wings and fly all the way from the edge of the burnlands to get to the Central Dominance so quickly?'"

Fidel seems to actually maybe believe that "Khav" isn't lying. Perhaps he'd been living in a very dark hole in the ground under a rock; a hole full of magic swords.

"Maybe we'll have time for science lessons later, but for now it's enough that you understand that, magic sword or no, Dedrie here is thoroughly capable of sending you to meet your Ruler if you so much twitch in a threatening manner."
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Same here with Roshar/worldhopping/magic swords. I'm trying to walk the line between "no need to re-write the books so far as worldbuilding goes" and "well reasonable people would want a few more details on these questions..."
Claincy wrote:"I've seen Dedrie fight, I get the general idea and I'm not sure what the burnlands are, but I'm pretty sure I haven't been there."
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Perhaps he'd been living in a very dark hole in the ground under a rock; a hole full of magic swords.
That's a pretty good hole right there.

Yeah the balance between realistic interactions and excessive backstory is interesting.
Kurkistan wrote:"So you got here how? And from where? 'Jar Caved,' you said? Does everyone there have magic swords and a lack of basic knowledge?"
Claincy wrote:"Jah Keved. Ahlomancy doesn't exist there. I'm sure if it did I would have heard of it before now. And no, shardblades are not common at all. They're rather rare."
Kurkistan wrote:"Well, the thing is that the entire world is one rather large empire ruled over (until just recently) by a single immortal divinity; this empire populated by a fair enough number of Allomancers and in part defined by the fact that all the land beyond its borders is a scorching wasteland of death. And it has a distinct lack of magic swords."

"So I'd thank you kindly if you'd cut the vague answers and tell me how exactly you're supposed to have come from a place that doesn't exist wielding a weapon that isn't possible."
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And now my stamina fails me. To bed! I'd say we've had enough small talk for the moment, if you'd like to answer Fidel's question in as much detail as appropriate and then move onto summoning the Blade for a little demonstration.

You'll note my kindly leaving an insinuation that you're lying about the Blade's existence as a nice segue into Gen/Khav showing it off. ;)
Claincy wrote:
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Ah yes, Khav clearly murdered Kenner with something that doesn't exist, very logical ;)
"Well, it seems pretty clear that wherever the damnation here is it's nowhere remotely near where I came from. Regardless, where I come from there is a being called the "Nightwatcher". You can go to her and ask a boon, and receive a boon and a curse. I asked for the information I needed to track down my brother's murderer and she sent me here and gave me an understanding of your language. Which is really strange, just so you know."

"I suppose I shouldn't find it surprising that you have difficulty believing me. Well, you asked to see my blade, perhaps that will convince you."

Khav holds his arm out to the side and an enormous blade condenses from mist and falls into his hand. It's almost 6 feet long, one edge is straight except near the end where it curves up to a point. The other edge is a sequence of ridged curves like breaking waves and across the gleaming metal work is an intricate pattern of swirls.

Khav holds it carefully to the side, keeping it in an nonthreatening and relaxed grip and watching Fidel's reaction.
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I gotta ask, were you still wondering a little if Khav was lying up to this point? :D
Kurkistan wrote:
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Sorry, blame the fatigue for the disbelief not making sense. Let's just call it Fidel intentionally goading his interrogate-y or something. :P
Fidel looks at the Blade a moment, looking vaguely interested. "That's interesting."

He turns to Dedrie: "'Khav' here says he's seen you fight: have you seen him use this... device?"
Kurkistan wrote:
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Oops, forgot your question in the second OOC. In answer: 8-)
Herowannabe wrote:"Yeah," Dedrie says reluctantly, "When we were fighting Straff's soldiers. I didn't see much- I had just been shot." He idly rubs the back of his thigh where the arrow wound is still healing. "I thought Gen was done for, but then I looked over and he had that thing in his hands, out of nowhere. He chopped the soldier he was fighting in half, then the sword vanished. Didn't take more than a few seconds, and it was over."
Kurkistan wrote:"Well thank you for sharing, Dedrie."

Fidel turns back to 'Khav'.

"Could we see a demonstration, please? Perhaps that fratricidal chair over there, or that particularly suspicious-looking potted plant?"
Claincy wrote:Khav reached to the side and casually passed the shardblade through the top of the chair, which slid to the floor with a thump.

As he cut the chair Khav explained "I didn't exactly cut him in half. Shardblades are a bit odd with people and animals. A shardblade'll go straight through them and it'll kill them right well. But it won't actually cut them."
Kurkistan wrote:"You said earlier that 'Shardblades' either cripple or kill, but now you're saying that the slightest cut is lethal?"

Fidel looks entirely non-skeptical and completely unwilling to resort to the rack to get the truth.
Claincy wrote:"No. I'm not. You're searching for a contradiction where there is none." A spark of annoyance showed in Khav's tone, "Cutting someone through the chest with a sword will kill them, it doesn't logically follow that stabbing someone in the toe will also kill them. If a shardblade passes through someone's spine, they die. If it cuts a limb, the limb dies." Khav let the blade drop from his hand and it puffed away into mist.
Kurkistan wrote:"Yes yes, of course. How silly of me not to know even the basics of magical sword mechanics."

Fidel leans forward slightly.

"Would you mind 'drawing' that thing for another moment? I'd like to examine it a bit more closely."
Claincy wrote:"Don't touch the edge." Khav warned, perhaps unnecessarily. A couple of seconds later the blade again dropped into Khav's hand.
Kurkistan wrote:Fidel reaches out—slowly—and lays a hand on the flat of the Blade, running his palm along it.

"Fascinating. What kind of metal did you say this was forged with?"
Claincy wrote:Khav shook his head. "Nobody knows. The knowledge of how to make shardblades was lost a very long time ago. This blade is thousands of years old."
Kurkistan wrote:"Of course. How could I imagine that a magical sword was anything but an improbably old artifact from a forgotten golden age?"

Fidel draws his hand back from the Blade.

"Is there anything else you think I should know before I go downstairs and give my report?"
Claincy wrote:Khav dismissed his blade and considered for a moment.

"There is one thing. I don't know what Jaira told you, and frankly, I don't remember exactly what I said to her either. Earlier I mentioned that the Nightwatcher gives you a boon and a curse. Well, my curse is that I cannot remember the events of yesterday. When the sun rises each morning I forget the events of the previous day and remember what happened the day before."
Kurkistan wrote:"Yahuh. 'Course. Curse. Memory. Makes sense."

Fidel restrains himself from glancing back at Dedrie and rolling his eyes.

"Oookay, so..."

Fidel leans farther forward, resting his forearms on his knees, and continues in an even tone.

"I'll be honest with you, son. You don't look to be lying to me, but then again they say that the mad are the last to recognize their own madness. This 'Blade' is a rather strong argument in your favor, but do you have any other proof to show that you're anything but a madman with an improbable magic sword? More importantly, can you prove that you won't at some point in the future once again become a murderous/traitorous madman with an improbable magic sword?"

Fidel looks to 'light on an idea.

"Okay, a test for at least part of your story: You say this 'Nightwatcher' gave you an understanding of our language all of a fortnight ago. Well you'll forgive me for saying this, but I don't hear a trace of an accent on you: so it sounds like more magical nonsense from the storybooks. What does 'o ju looas nee tratada' mean to you?"
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And I'll tell Hero what it means. :twisted:
Claincy wrote:Khav thinks it over for a minute, trying to pass the phrase into something meaningful, then shakes his head. "It sounds like more than gibberish but I don't know what it means."
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Claincy aint sure what it means either. :P
Kurkistan wrote:"So that's a point against you on the 'sane person' scale. A bit implausible that you'd just happen to get a perfect Central Dominance twang and nothing else from this empire."

Fidel leans back again. He likes leaning.

"Anything to add in terms of 'I'm definitely not insane/arbitrarily-murderous, here's the proof'?"
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Made it up. Rest assured it's totally an obscure Scadrian language, though. :P

To be clear, am I to infer from this that, if 'Khav' is in fact from Roshar, he either didn't get babblefish-level language magic or he's lying to me right now?

The alternative to this is that I just managed to confuse poor Claincy with my gibberish.
Claincy wrote:
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It's also possible that Hero and I never discussed the matter of other languages (or thought of it) and I made a decisions now to keep things moving. :P
"Is it really implausible? The Nightwatcher sent me here, wherever here is, and gave me the knowledge I needed to communicate here. She knew that the man I sought was here. I didn't ask for any knowledge besides what I needed to find him, and I wasn't given any."

"If you have a few hours I can tell you a lot about where I came from."
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I figure that a detailed description of Roshar is something that could be better off happening off camera. (If Fidel is of a mind to listen that is.)
Kurkistan wrote:
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Ah. Well I suppose we could retcon it later or something if necessary: just don't blame me if your character ends up in the loony-bin in the meantime. :P
"I've nothing but time today."
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I'm fine with the description happening off-camera. Maybe some bullet points so I know if Fidel knows the entire history of Rosharan botany or not?
Claincy wrote:
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It seems to make sense to me, but we can retcon if it becomes necessary. Hero hasn't weighed in yet.

Khav settled into a more comfortable position then began. Over the next couple of hours he talked at length about Vedenar, storms, stormlight, lighteyes and darkeyes, the local flora and fauna. Khav didn't have a scientific knowledge of them, but he could describe them. He didn't have much knowledge of politics or the other nations either, but he related what he knew.
Kurkistan wrote:As 'Khav' winds down (he hadn't required much prompting as he told his tale), Fidel stretches, looking abstracted.

"Well that's all quite interesting. I'll admit that you're unlikely to simply be lying at this point: such detailed ludicrosity demands that you either be entirely honest or insane to a degree of thoroughness which my mind boggles to comprehend. What was that about 'moons'? Sounds like the fable of a child who isn't content with stories of what the stars used to look like, and so thinks there should be really big stars that're all pretty and colorful."
Claincy wrote:"They don't really look like stars, They don't shine nearly so much and they look rougher and more detailed than stars."
Kurkistan wrote:"Good to know. 'Moons: like stars, but totally not'."

Fidel stands up, pacing to get the sleep out of his legs.

"So fascinating tales and magical blades aside for the moment, we've yet to discuss the crucial questions: Why are you here, working as a member of this crew, and where do you see this relationship going in the coming days?"
Claincy wrote:"I had had no success searching for the man by myself. I knew that I needed new contacts here if I was going to succeed, from my initial meeting with Jaira I got the impression that she was someone it would be useful to know, and she seemed like a reasonable person, which in my experience can be difficult to find among thieves." Khav pauses, "And I don't think there will be any way for me to go back even after I find him."
Kurkistan wrote:"And what happens if you spot this man walking down the street in the middle of a delicate operation? Will you honor your word, your commitment to this crew, or will you go haring off again, maybe 'accidentally' slicing yet another one of your crewmates up in the bargain?"
Claincy wrote:"I made a mistake once, I let my anger control me. That won't happen again. I'll get my revenge, but I will not let it endanger others again."
Kurkistan wrote:"I see."

Fidel turns to Dedrie.

"Dedrie, would you give us the room? I'd like to discuss some personal matters with Khav here, and I don't think he's going to suddenly try and kill me at this juncture."
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And now we wait for Hero, I suppose.
Claincy wrote:
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Spose so. We've had a pretty good run with this PM, my first page of PMs is basically completely full from it :)
Herowannabe wrote:
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Sorry about my prolonged absence from steelministry. I was running my Legion QF Sanderson Elimination game over on 17th shard, and that consumed everything I had of free time and thinking capacity. I'm done and back now though. :)

I am satisfied with how this conversation has run so far, no need to retcon anything. If needs be I'll make commentary in your personal threads.
Dedrie isn't really one who is skilled at hiding his emotions, and as the conversation progresses his face shows more and more bewilderment.

At Fidel's request, he shrugs and says, "Sure. Just yell if you need me." He gives Gen one last puzzled look, then departs the room, closing the door behind him.
Kurkistan wrote:Fidel waits for Dedrie to leave, then turns back to Khav.

"So, assuming that you aren't planning to murder me now that we're alone, I have a proposition for you. Nothing that would compromise your relationship with Jaira or the crew's job, of course, but maybe a little work on the side: you scratch my back I scratch yours type of arrangement. Any interest?"
Claincy wrote:
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I wondered if SE was keeping you busy Hero :)
"I'll need to know more about what specifically it entails, but so long as it doesn't endanger the crew or job I'm interested to hear what you propose." Khav replied slowly.
Kurkistan wrote:"Well, for starters, I may have an item that I've been wanting to get my hands on for a bit now; but the security around the item in question is... unreasonable in its thoroughness. Nothing a little matter-murdering magical weapon couldn't deal with easily, though, I don't think. :) "

"Of course in return for this favor I'd be more than willing to introduce you to a friend or two of mine who you might find useful to know."
Claincy wrote:Khav gave a half-smile, "Sounds right up my alley. What exactly are we stealing, and who from?"
Kurkistan wrote:
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"A statue of a predatory bird, in onyx..."
"You wouldn't know the Who, but as for the What... Let me just say that when the Lord Ruler fell not all of his Ministry's secrets ended up in the right hands."
Claincy wrote:"Well, consider me interested. I will naturally want slightly more detail before we actually steal it. I'll want to check the place out before we hit it. We ah, may have to wait a little yet though." Khav glances around at the room serving as his "cell".
Kurkistan wrote:"Of course."
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Hero? I think it may be about that time to rejoin the stream, if nothing else needs talked about.
Claincy wrote:
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Nought that I can think of.
Herowannabe wrote:
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Hey guys. You're right, SE kept me pretty occupied for a couple weeks- it didn't help that I chose to set up my game in such a way that required me to do a lot of ongoing maintenance and management.

After that, it's been work that has been keeping me busy. We just had a booth in our local Home Show, and we're moving our showroom to a new location by the end of the month, so free time has been very lacking lately.

So you're ready to call Dedrie back in? Or are you done with the interrogation interview completely?
Kurkistan wrote:
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I think done completely, for now.
Fidel takes a moment and notices how late in the day it's gotten.

"Well I that we've discussed enough for today. How about I have some food sent up and then I can report my findings to Jaira."
Claincy wrote:"Fine by me."
Herowannabe wrote:Fidel opens the door, allowing Dedrie back inside. Dedrie glances at both of them before sitting down on his stool in the same position he was in before.

Fidel exits the room, closing the door behind him.
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