Belmur (“Bel”) - Smoker Ex-Soldier

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Character name: Bel

: Attr -- Stand -- Res: :
Phy: 5 -- Res: 4/4 -- Hea: 9/9

Cha: 3 -- Inf: 2/2 -- Rep: 5/5

Wit: 5 -- Spi: 3/3 -- Wil: 8/8
TraitsTraits and BurdensTraits & BurdensDrive: Get back at the Steel Ministry
Profession: Soldier
Specialty: Insight
Feature: Often overlooked
Personality: Always watchful
Copper 6, Slow-Burning Copper
Small wooden shield
Misting vial (Copper) x2
Has thanked: 4 times
Been thanked: 14 times

Re: Belmur (“Bel”) - Smoker Ex-Soldier

Post by cometaryorbit » Mon Aug 22, 2016 6:53 pm

Herowannabe wrote: Oh, I just realized, I got the "Take a Licking" stunt and the "Skaa's Toughness" stunt mixed up. I'll give you the rules for both and you can choose which one you wanted:
Yeah, I think the burden decreasing is pretty awesome. In fact, that seems pretty powerful for a stunt...
Herowannabe wrote:One of these days one of us should play as a Skaa pewterarm with both Skaa Toughness and Take a Licking. :D SO MUCH HEALTH! He'd be all-but invincible! (Almost as bad as a bloodmaker)
Hmm, can you take skaa stunts in AoL era? Because if you can, you could throw in Koloss-blooded or aPewter/fGold Twinborn.
bobbyboone wrote:I don't have much to say, other than I think your character is an excellent addition to the team! Welcome to the Canton of Heterodoxy!
(I love love love that crew name)
Me too!
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