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Name: Red

asr :
Phy: 7 -- Res: 2/2 -- Hea: 9/9

Cha: 2 -- Inf: 3/3 -- Rep: 5/5

Wit: 5 -- Spi: 4/4 -- Wil: 9/9
TraitsTraits and BurdensTraits & BurdensDrive: Understand Human Culture
Profession: Steward
Specialty: Stealth
Feature: Long-arms
Personality: Serious
PowersPowersPowersKoloss-Blood (+1 to Physique, +2 dice in rolls involving physical strength)

Allomantic Tin 5


Tin-ker (By using your finely-honed senses, you can detect structural and manufacturing defects in a mechanical object or device, allowing you to quickly disable it. While burning Tin, the Difficulty of all rolls to disable simple objects such as a locks, door hinges, or pulleys is reduced by 2, while the Difficulty of rolls to disable more complex objects such as guns, automobiles, or electrical systems is reduced by 1. In either case, this Difficulty cannot be reduced below 1.)
InventoryInventoryInventoryTin Misting Vial (P)
Sheathknives (P) (Dmg +1 Touch/Touch, Thin knives which are easily concealed in sleeves.)
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Re: The Crew

Post by Mac » Sat Sep 02, 2017 1:06 pm

So, with Bobby's approval I have changed my Stunt to Massive Jump. I also changed my Feature trait from Long Arms to Tattoos cuz the first was really just there cuz I thought it would be useful, while the tattoos make sense for my actual character. I should prolly make them like Tribal Tattoos or Koloss Tattoos or something; they will mark me as being the heir to the shaman, so if they're ever useful at all it will be to try to get respect from a koloss.

Anyway, how do I update my sidebar with the new info?
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