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Name: Red

Phy: 7 -- Res: 2/2 -- Hea: 9/9

Cha: 2 -- Inf: 3/3 -- Rep: 5/5

Wit: 5 -- Spi: 4/4 -- Wil: 9/9
TraitsTraits and BurdensTraits & BurdensDrive: Understand Human Culture
Profession: Steward
Specialty: Stealth
Feature: Long-arms
Personality: Serious
PowersPowersPowersKoloss-Blood (+1 to Physique, +2 dice in rolls involving physical strength)

Allomantic Tin 5


Tin-ker (By using your finely-honed senses, you can detect structural and manufacturing defects in a mechanical object or device, allowing you to quickly disable it. While burning Tin, the Difficulty of all rolls to disable simple objects such as a locks, door hinges, or pulleys is reduced by 2, while the Difficulty of rolls to disable more complex objects such as guns, automobiles, or electrical systems is reduced by 1. In either case, this Difficulty cannot be reduced below 1.)
InventoryInventoryInventoryTin Misting Vial (P)
Sheathknives (P) (Dmg +1 Touch/Touch, Thin knives which are easily concealed in sleeves.)
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Re: The Statue at the Manor

Post by Mac » Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:09 pm

Anything relevant I should know about the Hastings manor? I've made a few assumptions so far. Are the lights electric yet or are we still flame-powered? My baseline is the standard manor: a wall/fence blocks off "the grounds" which extend a bit in front, a lesser bit to the sides, and farther out back to allow for the gardens and sheds and such. Is the house just a big rectangular prism? Are there wings? Any notable architectural features?

Do you not really know/care, and should I just ask you as it become relevant/make it up on my own as I go?
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Name: Sara Jasie Hasting

Phy: 2 -- Res: 5/5 -- Hea: 7/7

Cha: 3 -- Inf: 3/3 -- Rep: 6/6

Wit: 4 -- Spi: 3/3 -- Wil: 7/7
TraitsTraits and BurdensTraits & BurdensDrive: Thirst for power
Profession: Scion
Specialty: Creative tinker
Feature: Striking beauty
Personality: Confident
Iron 4
-Multiple Targets

Iron 4
InventoryInventoryInventory(P) Iron bracers (2) - Each stores 100 charges of Weight; one worn on each wrist; Twinborn kits
(P) Misting vials (2) - Each contains 3 charges of Iron; Twinborn kits
(P) Pocket watch - A popular symbol of wealth; keeps good time
(PP) Tekiel Zephyr - Horseless carriage; a stylish gasoline powered mechanical conveyance made primarily of brass and steel
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Re: The Statue at the Manor

Post by Kadrok » Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:58 pm

Electric, there's a "workshop" where Sara tinkers ("Creative tinker" wasn't a typo). More of a hobby than anything industrial.

It's probably not large enough to have wings, and the gardens are fairly minimal. It's pretty much an oversized townhouse with room for some staff, Sara, Sara's interests (library and workshop) and Red.

Does that fit?
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Re: The Statue at the Manor

Post by bobbyboone » Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:59 pm

Electric lights are probably a feature, At this point I don't think the details of Sara's Manor are super important, so I'd say make it up for now, unless that bugs you. ;) @Kadrok is welcome to add any details, of course.

EDIT: Ninja'd! @Kadrok's description stands.
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