Chapter 0.5: The gang gets together!

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Postby Kadrok » Tue Aug 29, 2017 1:01 am

All good here.
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Name: Sara Jasie Hasting

asr :
Phy: 2 -- Res: 5/5 -- Hea: 7/7

Cha: 3 -- Inf: 3/3 -- Rep: 6/6

Wit: 4 -- Spi: 3/3 -- Wil: 7/7
TraitsTraits and BurdensTraits & BurdensDrive: Thirst for power
Profession: Scion
Specialty: Creative tinker
Feature: Striking beauty
Personality: Confident
Iron 4
-Multiple Targets

Iron 4
InventoryInventoryInventory(P) Iron bracers (2) - Each stores 100 charges of Weight; one worn on each wrist; Twinborn kits
(P) Misting vials (2) - Each contains 3 charges of Iron; Twinborn kits
(P) Pocket watch - A popular symbol of wealth; keeps good time
(PP) Tekiel Zephyr - Horseless carriage; a stylish gasoline powered mechanical conveyance made primarily of brass and steel

Postby Herowannabe » Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:03 pm

I'm good to go.

Grant looks to the others for comment before turning his hands palm up. "I guess there are no objections. How soon can such an event be arranged? Will you be going alone?"

"I suppose that I could bring the lot of you along. You'll have to pose as my manservant, Lestopher. You don't mind, do you? I don't think they'd look favorably on me bringing a newspaper editor to a private preview."
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Name: Elsander Feltri

asr :
Phy: 2 -- Res: 5/5 -- Hea: 7/7

Cha: 4 -- Inf: 7/7 -- Rep: 11/11

Wit: 4 -- Spi: 2/2 -- Wil: 6/6
TraitsTraits and BurdensTraits & BurdensDrive: Get back at my Father
Profession: Senator's son
Specialty: Reading other people
Feature: Charming Smile
Personality: Condescending
PowersPowersPowersZinc (Allomancy): 5
- Stunts: Riot Aim
InventoryInventoryInventory(P) Misting Vial: Contains 3 charges of Zinc
(PP) Terringul Ripper: +1 Damage, 12/12 shots, Range: Close/Medium *(This weapon can be fired as a normal firearm (using shots), or as a rotary gun (using a salvo). Firing a salvo requires at least 10 shots.)
(P) Formal Clothing: Useful when (patronizing one's inferior companions) blending into high society events like formal dances and gatherings
(P) Pocketwatch: A small timepiece that keeps good time


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