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Edit - finalized name, added stunts, spent starting AP, and added props. Hopefully I'm calculating props correctly - 5 from my resources, then one each from my four gunsmithing stunts. Let me know if this needs to change.
Eagun "Gunny" Habbend
Concept: Tinkerer / Gunsmith

Name: Defenders of Teriosin
Cause: Stop the koloss invasion
Target: Koloss horde
Method: Fight them, presumably?

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 38
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs

Attributes Standings Resiliences
Physique: 4 Resources: 5/5 Health: 9/9
Charm: 3 Influence: 2/2 Reputation: 5/5
Wits: 6 Spirit: 4/4 Willpower: 10/10

Drive: Arm the townsfolk
Profession: Homesteader/farmer
Specialty: Tinkerer
Feature: Self-reliant
Personality: Gruff exterior, kindhearted to his friends
Other Traits:

Burdens: None

Tragedy: Budding homestead overrun by koloss

Destiny: Retire to a simple life on the farm

Secrets known: None

Powers: None

Create Guns
Customize Guns: Long Range
Speedy Craftsman
Industrious Craftsman

P - Gunsmith's workshop
PP - "Beverly" - Immerling Multi-Shot rifle, Customization: Long Range
P - Hunting knife
P - Leather duster
PP - Sound dampeners
PP - Sterrion 36, Customization: Long Range

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Current AP: 2
Advancement history:
+10 AP starting bonus
-4 AP Speedy Craftsman stunt
-4 AP Industrious Craftsman stunt
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Gunny is a homesteader, determined to carve out a living out in the Roughs. Being relatively far away from Elendel and mainstream civilization, he became something of a tinkerer by necessity. Things break down, and getting a specialist out to repair anything would be both time-consuming and expensive, so he learned to do it himself. When his hunting rifle jammed while attempting to supplement his crops with wild game, he turned his tinkering to his weapon, and found that many of the principles he learned fixing up his house and farm equipment also applied to repairing and improving the rifle. Now that the homestead has been destroyed by the koloss horde, he plans to ensure that the good folk of Teriosin are equipped with proper weaponry to give themselves a fighting chance.
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