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Name: Zak Ostlin

Concept: Ambitious Politician

Name: blank
Cause: blank
Target: blank
Method: blank

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 38
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 280

Attributes Standings Resiliences
Physique: 2 Resources: 3/3 Health: 5/5
Charm: 6 Influence: 5/4 Reputation: 11/11
Wits: 5 Spirit: 5/5 Willpower: 10/10

Drive - Survive
Profession - Politician
Specialty - Always has a backup plan
Feature - Instantly likable
Personality - Cool and Collected
Extra - Connected
Extra - Natural Leader

Burdens: None

Destiny : I will get all that my family had, back.

Tragedy : My brother gambled all of my families wealth and with it, our honor.

Secrets known: None, yet.

Powers: None.

Total Advancements: 0
Out of Character. Click to reveal.
+10 For joining
-5 For increasing Spirit
-5 For increasing Influence

Formal clothing/jewelry
Dueling Cane
Granger 30 30 rifle

Zak had come to this mining colony in hope of buying it. What he did not expect, is for a group of rampaging Koloss to come and try to kill him. He hopes that his high amounts of intelligence and manipulation, get him out of the alive.
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