Meryl - Semi-retired Good constable

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Meryl - Semi-retired Good constable

Post by Druggeddwarf » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:08 am

Concept: Semi-Retired Constable
Name: Meryl Belmar

Race: Human - Eldenian
Sex: Female
Age: 41

Attributes (Average)
Physique: 4
Wits: 4

Standings (Weak)
Resources: 2
Influence: 4
Spirit: 3

Health: 6
Reputation: 8

Drive: Find my partner’s killer
Profession: Elendel Constable
Specialty: Evidence Analysis
Feature: One dogged Ear
Personality: Cool and collected (Memory loss requires patience)
Other Traits:


Tragedy: Let my partner die after refusing to help him because he was corrupt

Destiny: Run a true Police network in the South.

Secrets known:

Powers: Coppermind Twinbown (Strong)
Copper Allomancy – 4
Copper Fermucemy – 4

Stunts: Stiched Memories:
By spending 20 or more charges of Compounded memory, you can synthesize several accounts of an event you’ve only heard retellings of, just as though you were there (i.e., you can synthesize two eyewitness accounts of an event and relive it as it happened, fnding the truth of the situation). Using this Stunt requires you to spend 20 Compounded charges of memory, plus 10 additional Compounded charges for every 5 minutes the event lasted (rounded up). No matter the length of the event you are recreating, reliving this stitched memory only takes one Beat.

Physical Mimicry (Compounding): By spending 20 Compounded charges of memory, you can imitate any action that you’ve seen once, as long as you saw it clearly. This includes complex physical tasks such as a secret handshake, running a locomotive engine, or modifying and reassembling a revolver.

Twinbown Kit – Copper Badge 100 Charges, copper mistling vial (3 charges)
Terringul 27 Revolver - Props 1, Difficulty 1, Damage (+1), Capacity 6 shots) Range Close/Medium

Advancements: 3
Physique - increase to 4
New Stunt - Physical Mimicry

Meryl was a good constable. She got her paperwork done, her files organised, her desk clean, and her head down. She had developed her fechemical abilities late in life – a stakeout for a known criminal had left her hospitalised – and with her gifts of memory given out, she was elevated to special detective, and given a partner for special cases, Zak Mekkel.
As they began to work together, and she started to get rather good at her job, she realised that her partner had other interests – selling information to a special informant within the city known as The Vector. She confronted him, and he denied it, stating he was being blackmailed, and that he was about to score big and fix everything.
She refused to believe him, heading to her boss, and his body was found the very next day. Now, the guilt of not trusting her partner still weighing her down, she treks across scandaian to the north, her last clue as to who or whatever Vector is somewhere in the north.

Follows the path of the Survivor
Always carry a pipe with a strong weed in it, but doesn't smoke it
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