Hemalurgic Apocalypse?

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Hemalurgic Apocalypse?

Post by Conquestor » Mon Aug 14, 2017 12:24 am

So, those stories in newspapers were based off of some science after all, huh?
The apocalypse has happened and your crew is one of the few survivors. How will your crew last out here? Will you find a cure? And finally, why isn't Harmony doing anything about it?

As you've probably guessed, this a fun little adventure about surviving the apocalypse. I'd be ok with playing with the new supplement, but that's for the crew to decide. Also, the crew makes the decisions of where they start out, and how much AP they start out with. (Be responsible, don't get to high on AP ;)) Also, I am ok with people playing as Mistborn or Keepers. We'll just say that people found lerasium and the Terris were finally succesful in their attempts to make a keeper, then they passed on their gifts.

The time and location - Era 2 / Anywhere in the basin.

Crew / probably 4 to 6 survivors.

I will be using these house rules -
Metal Vial Props
Called Shots
Steel Pushing and Iron Pulling other characters
Feruchemical Gold
Burdens and Long Breathers
And finally, Metalminds
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