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Postby Fishrage » Mon Aug 24, 2015 1:44 pm

A series of gruesome murders have stumped the constabulary. The only thing the victims seem to have in common is the cause of death: a large stab wound through the heart. With nothing to go on and over 20 murders so far, the constabulary have turned to you: a group of Elendel's best and brightest private investigators and lawkeepers.

As for house rules, I really like what Charcoal, Sulfur, and Saltpeter has been doing, so we'll use those.

I'm fine with compounding, except for ridiculously OP ones like Steel and Chromium.

Current people interested:

I think we're full now.
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Postby Kurkistan » Mon Aug 24, 2015 2:21 pm

Speaking of CSS...

If Fen's pulled a vanishing act, it may be time for Speed Connection!(TM) to rise again...

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Postby Kadrok » Mon Aug 24, 2015 5:00 pm

You mean reprise Sate and Sig?! That's brilliant! But what if Fen comes back? We'll be playing two Sates and Sigs...
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Postby Fishrage » Mon Aug 24, 2015 5:06 pm

Alt-universe, maybe?
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Postby Kadrok » Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:27 pm

In an alternate Universe...

Out of Character. Click to reveal.
I have no idea how to write Sig anymore, so I apologise in advance Kurk!

Thud! Thud! Thud! Through the storm of sounds, Sigurd heard only the rough beat of his own footsteps, and as his ears bled he swore he could hear the footsteps of the shadows surrounding him. His eyes watered as the fire raged around him, and he saw his shadow pause, looking hurriedly around, a second before he did. Sate? he thought dimly before hoarsely calling aloud: "Sate!" A shadow's head snapped around and Sigurd found himself looking at the shifting rubble before it started moving, a groan announced his friend's presence.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Sigurd was running again, dodging the burning beams as the collapsed around him, cutting through his shadows, but missing him. His Steelminds burned against his skin, full of the blaze's heat, against Sate's skin as well he suspected, as he carried the bleeding mess over his shoulder. Sig hefted Sate's weight uncomfortably. I'm telling him to lose some weight when we get out of this! Sate was mumbling. Crying?

Thud! Thud! Thud! His footsteps echoed against the footpath, mirroring the earlier illusion, giving sound to the footsteps of every shadow We're gonna make it buddy, Sig thought. Sate was mumbling still, clearer now the blaze was between them: "I'm sorry Sig... the Swift knew me... I needed to detonate the... before he got away..."

Thud! Thud! Thud! Sate's heart pounded in his chest as he shot up from bed, feeling a sluggishness to his body and mind that reminded him of storing mental speed. Sigurd looked up from his magazine, "Welcome back buddy. I figured you'd be coming back. My... friends had to be excited about something."
"How... what..." Sate put his hand to his face, before pulling in back horror, "What the hell!"
"Ah, yes... your face."
"How could you let it get like this!" Sate paused, and glared at Sig. "Mirror!"
"Are you sure you want..."
Sigurd reluctantly handed Sate the mirror, only to see the other recoil in disgust from his reflection.
"I'm hideous!"
"It's just a beard Sate! You've been in a coma for well over a month, I wasn't going to sit here and shave you every day!"
Sate awkwardly swung down from the bed, his aching, slightly atrophied muscles barely working the way they used to, and for the first time he realised how much his head still hurt. "I feel like hell..."
"I'm not surprised," Sig replied, "there was barely any of you left when I pulled you from the fire."
"The fire!" Sate exclaimed, before clutching his head in pain. After the pain subsided he continued, "Did we get him?"
Sigurd shook his head. "Witnesses saw a man outrunning the explosion."
"Dammit!" Sate awkwardly slammed a fist down on the table, and instantly regretted it. "I blew myself up for nothing!"
"Well... not quite nothing..." Sigurd replied.
"What do you mean?"
"Well... remember that time you first had Rotgut, and you got all delirious, and thought you were dying, and passed out on the Tavern floor?"
Sate's headache rang again. "Don't remind me..."
"Do you remember your last words to me?"
"No." Sate groaned disinterestedly, the headache making mortal considerations irrelevant.
"'Test me for metals' you said. So after this, I thought 'what the hell?', it's now or never. You're never going to be as ruined or stressed as you are now..."
Sate forgot his headache. "What are you saying?"
"You're an Twinborn buddy!"

Out of Character. Click to reveal.
That was slightly better in my head. Too sleep deprived. Also, please supply something other than "buddy" for Sig. I'm honestly out of synch with our guys so I don't remember how Sig speaks.

Now the question is... do I stick with my original plan of snapping Sate into Iron, or do I go for Zinc? There was no question when I started writing this that it was going to be Iron, but I have never done a compounder before...

Out of Character. Click to reveal.
Concept: It's Sate! Or what's left of him...
Crew: Speed Connection!
Cause: Uphold the law
Target: Criminals
Method: Guns a-blazin' and fists a-flyin'!
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 84 kg

Physique: 3
Charm: 3
Wits: 5

Resources: 4
Influence: 3
Spirit: 2

Drive: Survive and thrive
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Specialty: Out of the box thinking
Feature: Well-read
Personality: Restless

Iron 4
--Iron Redirection (Reaction): Once per Beat, Sate may Pull metal objects that are already in motion (such as steel-headed arrows, coins, and other thrown metal objects), potentially redirecting their flight. This is a Reaction (see page 177), and grants him a number of dice for his Reaction roll equal to his Iron Rating. He may add Action or Defense Dice to this pool if he likes, though he may not roll more than 10 dice, as usual. If his Reaction Result beats the attacker’s Result, he may adjust the object’s trajectory enough that it either misses the original target or flies toward him instead (his choice). With success and if he Pulls the object toward himself, he may also spend 2 Nudges to catch it. He may take this Stunt up to twice more, each time gaining the ability to use this Reaction once more per Beat (though he may still react only once to each attack, event, or circumstance).

Zinc 4

(P) Zincminds (2) - Average-sized bracer metalminds, one on each arm; each stores 100 charges of Mental Speed; part of Sate's Twinborn's kits
(P) Misting Vials (2) - Each contains 3 charges of Iron and hard liquor to dull the headaches; part of Sate's Twinborn's kits
(P) Bulletproof Vest - Thick leather vest woven with pads and metal plates; absorbs 2 damage from physical attacks
(P) Sterrion 36 revolver - Damage: +2; Capacity: 6 shots; Range: Close/Medium; an effcient, reliable gun with excellent range and stopping power

Tragedy: I went to the Roughs seeking adventure and glory, but the dirt, dust and daily fearing for my life aren't exactly the adventure I bargained for.

Destiny: Find a nice girl and settle down... to a slightly less terrifying life of adventure.

I owe Sigurd my life for getting me through the early days of my time in the Roughs. And for keeping me safe when that Rotgut nearly killed me. And the fire, and explosions. And...

Out of Character. Click to reveal.
Okay, so I've gone with Iron/Zinc as I originally planned. If you'd rather see Zinc/Zinc it wouldn't be too hard to talk me into it, though Lateral Link might be kind of broken in the context.

A note on my props. I get four:
-1 Gun
-2 Twinborn's Kits (each including 1 Average Metalmind, and 1 Vial/Pouch)
-1 Bulletproof Vest

Notes on changes to the character...
Sate has gone from Average Powers, to Strong Powers losing 1 point of both Wits and Physique. Fortunately the backstory of how he finally snapped explains this well... he's been in a coma and so he's lost some muscle and coordination, and his mind hasn't quite recovered. There might even be some very minor brain damage (nothing too fancy, I'm sure he'll climb back up to 6 Wits eventually).

His standings are the same.

Sate used to have smithing skills in the form of the 'Create Guns' stunt, but he hasn't practiced gun craftsmanship in a while. His workshop was sold to pay medical expenses and his hands are still a little bit too shaky for such fine work... and he'd much rather work towards getting fighting fit again (as well as exploring his new powers).

Speaking of Powers, the same issues which affected his Wits have affected his Feruchemical abilities. They're quite interlinked. He may not have quite noticed though as he can still store as much of his mind as he could previously (he was capped by Wits both before his injuries and now). He now has Iron, and after he woke from the coma, he was still confined to bed rest (with some exercise and physical therapy) so he has had plenty of time to work on his Iron, bringing him to Rank 4 with 1 Stunt.

Props. Most of what he was wearing was chewed up in the fire. He still has his gun, but he's had to get fresh Metalminds, and he's gone all out on bracers after losing his fancy doubled earring EDIT: I changed my mind, and went for balance. He still have more storage than he used to, but it's balanced with having extra Iron for his new powers. He's replaced his Duster with a Bulletproof Vest, as his accident has left him feeling a tad vulnerable, and also his new powers entail him pulling bullets towards himself...
Sadly, his old horse Seeker has been put out to pasture. :cry: Poor Seeker... I don't think Sate even got to ride him onscreen. Maybe I'll find a way to make room for him, but there isn't much use for a Horse in the City. Maybe we'll see him in flashbacks?
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Postby Gargoyle » Tue Aug 25, 2015 8:18 pm

I'm in, I'll just have to get back in the habit of looking here along with everywhere else in my internet routine.
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Postby Fishrage » Tue Aug 25, 2015 9:34 pm

Sounds good, I'll add you on the list

Aaaaand I think we're full, guys.
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Postby Haelbarde » Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:34 am

So, may as well post my character here, along with his background:

Out of Character. Click to reveal.
Name: Rabaeld Heatherlocke

Concept: Sword-Loving Koloss-Blooded Noble Heir

Crew Name: ???
Cause: Completing the job
Target: Murder of Elendel
Preferred Method: ???

Race: Koloss-Blooded
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 123kg

Physique: 5
Charm: 2
Wits: 3

Resources: 6
Influence: 3
Spirit: 4

Drive: Justice
Profession: Gentleman
Specialty: Duelling
Feature: Oxymoronically Dapper
Personality: Self-conscious

Gains 2 dice with rolls involving physical strength
--Rapid Healing: Healing rate is doubled (2 recovered Health per day). Can recover Health during Short/Long Breather without sitting it out.

(P) Aluminium Sword: Damage: +2; Rang: Touch/Striking
(P) Aluminium-laced Suit: Renders all items hidden inside undetectable to Allomancers
(P) Aluminium-laced Top Hat: Wearer is immune to the effects of Brass & Zinc Allomancy

Found his mother brutally murdered and her keepsake stolen

Shedding the Koloss-blooded stigma in Elendel

A koloss-born young woman, weak and frail, meets a young scientist from the city captured by her clan. As short as his stay is, she is entranced by the man and his tales of Elendel. She decides to help him escape, but he gets caught in a poisoned trap. As he dies, he gives her a silver locket, the only thing of any value he has left on him. Knowing she can no longer return to her tribe, she flees to the city the man had spoken of, hoping to make a place for herself. However, she discovers that people in the city can be just as brutal to an Other, just without fists. She finds a job doing laundry for House Heatherlocke, and attracts the eye of the heir Lorence. She falls for his gifts, his blandishments, his honeyed words, without a matron to warn her that he's using her to upset his conservative parents.

Then, tragedy. Lorence, the only male heir to the House, on his way home from a gambling den, another vice designed to get a rise from his parents, is mugged for his winnings. They have no murderous intentions, but he is drunk, falls over at a shove, and cracks his skull on a rock. By the time he is discovered, he is a corpse. The family is bereft... but then, a very curious savior appears, in the form of the koloss-blood, who only just discovered she is with child.

As everyone knew of their dalliance, paternity is assumed. She is brought into the family, not with welcome, but almost by force, stuffed into the gilded cage of a luxurious suite of rooms, with beautiful gowns thrust upon her, treated with a bitterly cold civility, well-aware that if her child is a girl-child, they will both be tossed onto the street. However, he is born male, and Elendel has its first koloss-blooded Lord Heir.

Rabaeld's own father removed from succession, he takes the reins of his House at a remarkably young age. Born to privilege, he fits in as his mother never did, yet has known hostility from birth. Unable to fit into Elendel society because of his genes, unable to fit into koloss society because of his upbringing, he straddles two worlds. Then, his own tragedy happens - he find's his mother murdered, and the silver locket she had always worn gone. However, when he goes to the police about the murder, nothing happens. With a string of mysterious murders now numbering over 20, what was some koloss-blood's death in comparison? Frustrated, he decides to take matters into his own death. When the Speed Connect duo turns up in town, he falls in with them. Getting out into the city and tracking bad guys would surely lead him eventually to the murdering thief. Also, it'd mean he'd finally get to use his aluminum sword for something other than bloodless duels...
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Postby Gargoyle » Thu Aug 27, 2015 1:51 pm

@Fishrage: When is a character due by,?

@Crew: What sort of support does the team still need? I've had ideas, but I'll be whatever you need me to be. I would actually like to try being more of a support type and less of a fighter type, 'cause that's what I usually am.
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Postby Fishrage » Thu Aug 27, 2015 2:08 pm

Whenever you're ready, Gargoyle. I've still got a few things to work out in the campaign.
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