Evhar Palsten - Bored Chromium Compounder

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Evhar Palsten - Bored Chromium Compounder

Post by Conquestor » Sat Feb 17, 2018 1:10 am

Concept: Bored Chromium Compounder

Crew Name: The Scorchers
Cause: Burn it all down
Target: The Nobility (especially House Urvan)

Name - Evhar Palsten
Race - Human
Sex - Male
Age - 19
Height - 6'3
Weight - 148 lbs

Attributes (S) Standings (W) Resiliences
Physique: 3 Resources: 3/3 Health: 6/6
Charm: 4 Influence: 2/2 Reputation: 6/6
Wits: 2 Spirit: 6/6 Willpower: 8/8

Drive - Find his father
Profession - Gambler
Specialty - Deft Hands
Feature - Carries an aluminum sword
Personality - Indifferent


Tragedy - His father killed his mother, right in front of him.

Destiny - Discover what old Ironeyes meant.

Secrets Known:

Uncanny Luck

Powers :
Chromium (A) - 4
Chromium (F) - 4
100/100 charges
16/100 charges
-/100 charges

(PP) Twinborn's kit - Includes an average size metalmind and a vial of metal with three charges.
(P) Aluminum sword - Dueling blade that can't be detected or affected by allomancy. Damage +2 Touch/Striking

Advancments: 4 AP
Out of Character. Click to reveal.
10 AP / from start of game
-4 / stunt
-4 / stunt
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Re: Evhar Palsten - Bored Chromium Compounder

Post by Conquestor » Sat Feb 17, 2018 2:02 am


Evhar was born to a noble family that are related to the Urvans, he keeps that very hidden from the entire crew, but never liked being a noble, he often ditched his schooling. At the age of ten, he decided that he was going to be a lawkeeper in the Roughs, they were free and incredible. He already knew that he was a Leecher, and his family taught him how to use the sword, family tradition.

A week after his twelveth birthday, his family went bankrupt and lost their status. His father, Terrivan, started gambling, hoping to win the family fortune back. Evhar would often watch his father play cards, this is how he learned to gamble. Terrivan only became more indebted and deppressed as time went on. On Evhar's thirteenth birthday, his mother bought him, with the last of their money, a set of fake lawkeeper guns. Terrivan was furrious, he was beginning to win some money back and the women spent all that they had on some stupid toys.

He killed her that night, Evhar had watched as his own father raised a copper coin, burned steel, and pushed the coin hard enough to go through her skull. Blood flew everywhere, and she died instantly, a smile still on her face. In that moment, Evhar snapped, he rushed through the door where he was hiding and attacked his father. Terrivan could only look in horror, then set his draw and dropping to his knee. He looked a crying, screaming, angered, young child in the face and told him, it needed to happen, she was only going to drag us down. Then he ran away, Evhar had taken his stores of steel, then he ran too.

A few years down the line, he found out what it truly meant to be poor and hungry, fortunately, he figured out how to use his second power, luck. He even figured out how to compound, after that, he could basically stick his hand in a pile of mud and pull out atium. He started gambling, he was a fantastic card player and with his luck (Literally) he was unstoppable. Unfortunately, life became boring for him, he started to fight in underground rings, but not even that could sate him. He started to take revenge, it helped fill that big black pit inside of him, and it was dangerous.

He was able to steal himself an aluminum sword from a noble family, he can't quite remember the name, Ladrian? Ah, doesn't matter. ;) Anyways, he eventually found out about a crew that leads by no other than the Scorcher himself, he would probably do some dangerous stuff, maybe I'll be able to fill the hole. He blindfolded himself and walked around randomly until he heard voices, then took off the blindfold off, then sat next to the koloss-blooded and asked if he could join the crew. They just looked at him, then started open firing at him, he just sighed and half-heartedly started to dodge. After, a few minutes of that, they reluctantly let him join and has been with them since.
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Re: Evhar Palsten - Bored Chromium Compounder

Post by Herowannabe » Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:48 am

Looking good Conquestor. :) I kind of see your character as being like Larcener from Calamity, though more useful and not whiney. Here we are, this rough and violent outlaw gang, and one day a bored nobleman shows up and refuses to leave. But we tolerate because it turns out he’s lucky to have around, literally. ;)

I see that you copy/pasted your character sheet from mine, because the Crew section needs to be updated and has Kurz’s name where the crew name should be. I guess I should fix that too...
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Re: Evhar Palsten - Bored Chromium Compounder

Post by Zath » Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:11 pm

Love the backstory! Especially how he joined the crew. :lol:
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