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Concept: Expert Animal Trainer
Race: Skaa
Sex: Male
Age: 42
Height: 6' 2''
Weight: 210
Attributes Standing Resilience
Physique: 6 Resources: 4/4 Health: 10/10
Charm: 2 Influence: 2/2 Reputation: 4/4
Wits: 5 Spirit: 5/5 Willpower: 10/10

Traits and Burdens:
Drive: Freedom
Profession: Animal Trainer
Specialty: Dog handling
Feature: Scarred Arms
Personality: Disciplined
Other Traits:
Observant, High Pain Threshold

Tragety: For 30 years he trained animals for house Darkon, then one day the master lost a huge contract for metals, and decided to take it out on the animals in Felt's care... That night he braved the mists to save the animals he loved. Only one survived his wounds. His trusted Wolf Hound "Night"



A Trained Wolf Hound PROP
Coil of rope. PROP
Staff (Damage +1: Range: Striking/Striking) PROP
Leather Armor - Absorbs 1 damage from physical attacks, contains no metal - PROP
Letters of Credit - +1 die to all Resource rolls.
Small Metal Shield: Adds 1 die to defense rolls against physical attacks.
Dagger: Damage +1: Range; Touch / Touch
Cutlass: Damage +2: Range; Touch/Striking

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