Strange Formatting

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Strange Formatting

Post by Sir Jerric » Wed Jan 06, 2021 12:17 am

Being a software tester by trade, I like looking into causes and solutions.
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The causes of this appear to be missing whitespace in several places.
The problems on the home page, both for the chatbox and the missing icons along the subforums, stem from two class names bumping together instead of having the space character between. The page is built from PHP, so some module building the page HTML is misbehaving (or the underlying HTML source is broken).

More interesting was trying to make this post and finding that the "textarea" element that I needed to type in had gotten placed into the HTML as:

Code: Select all

<textareaname="message" ...>...</textareaname="message">
I had to edit the page HTML to make this post, which is a little awkward.

How this set of whitespace problems came about is hard to see from my limited user perspective, so I cannot point to a specific resolution.

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