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Postby Herowannabe » Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:12 am

So we have a thread discussing awesome D&D sessions, but ironically enough I don't think we had one yet for Mistborn. So I decided to start this one. ;)

Anyway, my IRL Mistborn game ended on a dramatic note tonight.

First, a bit of background: I've got 2 players at the moment- one plays a Mistborn and has been around for ages. He's an ex-obligator who was blinded when the inquisitors grabbed him and tried to initiate him into their ranks. Now he's got a bit of a grudge with inquisitors and a dislike for Hemalurgy. At one point a while back he beat up an inquisitor and managed to steal one of its eye spikes- he has been carrying it around in a jar of blood for safekeeping ever since. The other player is a Keeper. More on him in a bit.

Fast forward to the current plot arc... well actually, I don't want to get into details on the current plot arc because there is a chance I might run this adventure again and I don't want to spoil anything. But suffice it to say that the crew has learned a number of things they shouldn't have, and presently the inquisitor with the missing eye spike is at their doorstep with a small Koloss army.

The crew was working on figuring out how to stall the army long enough that they could escape along with their caravan, when the Mistborn player stops and says something along the lines of, "I really don't want to do this, but I know how we can tip the balance back in our favor." He then proposed that they take the stolen spike and ram it through the Keeper's eye, thus granting him Allomantic Steel and the ability to steel compound, which would allow him to solo the Koloss and Inquisitor. Anyway, they decided to go for it and the adventure ended right after they implanted the spike.

Next session is going to be amazing. :D
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Postby Kurkistan » Fri Jun 23, 2017 9:02 am

"Dear Watson, do you know what the common vernacular would refer to as "OP," even by the constrained compounding rules of the Mistborn Adventure Game?"
"What would that be, Sherlock?"
"It would be the powerset known as 'double steel', 'steel compounding', 'being a Swift', or, in the most vulgar phrasing, 'being a damn speedster on par with DC/Marvel characters'."
"Why yes, I can imagine that would be quite a powerful ability for one to possess. But, if you'll forgive me Sherlock, any child on the street could tell you as much."
"Yes yes, patience. I shall arrive at my point presently. Another so-called "OP" powerset is that of the "Full Feruchemist"—or simply "Keeper," as is the proper name before modern lingual innovations. Immense versatility, durability, and ability to deal 'spike damage' (no pun intended) at crucial times."
"Again, quite a commonly held belief."
"Indeed. Now tell me, Watson, how ought we best to describe the "OP-ness" of a character with both powersets?"
"Such a character would be simply unstoppable, I would think, Sherlock."
"Indeed, Watson. Indeed." :twisted:

This unnecessary dialogue brought to you by Procrastination, driving poor life decisions since 1936.
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Postby Herowannabe » Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:10 am

Indeed. ;)

The fun part is that I didn't plan this turn of events, though it all came together so perfectly it almost seems like I did. When the inquisitor lost its spike I rolled to see which power was lost and it ended up being Steel. The bit about them learning about compounding was more along the lines of this is how the lord Ruler is able to be immortal, so now maybe you can find and exploit a weakness rather than me trying to encourage the players to become uber-powerful. And the player who stole the spike decided on his own to hang on to the spike rather than ditch it- not because he ever intended to use it, but rather so that he could make sure nobody ever did. His character is really anti-Hemalurgy, which is why I was surprised when he proposed the plan.

However, as part of the plan he made the Keeper promise to remove the spike (tapping gold to heal the damage from it) and give it back once the Koloss and inquisitor have been dealt with, and the feruchemist agreed. Now the fun part will be me (Ruin) trying to persuade the keeper to leave the spike in place... 3:D
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Postby Kadrok » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:50 pm


Best game ever!
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Postby Herowannabe » Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:04 am


I suppose I should finish the story- we just had the follow up session this past Thursday.

So before the Koloss even began attacking they decided to have the Keeper remove the eye spike (and tap a bunch of healing to avoid dying), but hang on to the spike just in case it was needed. I was slightly disappointed by this, but not too much, since I figured that with what was coming that they would be putting the spike back in soon enough. I was partially right.

They actually had a fairly defensible position, with a closed drawbridge sealing off the cave they were in and the Koloss on the other side. So the Mistborn stood guard at the drawbridge and used primarily Steel and Iron to push the Koloss' blades around and frustrate their efforts to break the closed drawbridge down. Meanwhile the Keeper went to the other end of the tunnel to help their caravan sneak out through a narrow crevice in the rock (they had about 100 or so people they were traveling with, and over 300 Koloss (literally) pounding on the door.

Meanwhile the Keeper was up on the back side of this hill where the crevice leads to, and he's got about 2 dozen of their caravan members out of the tunnels when he sees a dark figure walking up out of the sandstorm that is raging about them (they're deep in the Burnlands at this point). Surprise surprise, the figure turns out to be the one-eyed/spiked inquisitor. I had decided before the session even started that the inquisitor was going to figure out (with the aid of an illegally obtained fZinc spike for quick thinking) that the heroes were escaping and come searching for the escape route while the Koloss kept them busy at the front gate.

So after a line or two of banter the Keeper and the Inquisitor engage in combat. The fight initially goes against the Inquisitor as the Keeper draws on a crap-ton (or -tonne for you Auzzies) of charges. IIRC the first round of combat the Inquisitor took 7 points of damage (one short of causing a Grave Burden instead of just a Serious Burden) and ended up pinned by the Keeper. The second round the Inquisitor drew on everything he had, including burning an Atium bead and drawing on his own Feruchemical Strength metalmind (it had an illegal fPewter spike, too. But just the two illegal spikes. Other than that it was a pretty typical inquisitor) and it took everything the Keeper had just to keep the Inquisitor pinned. However, by this point the Keeper had used up nearly all of his Iron- and Pewterminds, and he was forced to retreat the next round and draw the Inquisitor away using ranged attacks.

Meanwhile at the drawbridge, the Koloss were on the verge of breaking through and the Mistborn had resorted to hacking at their hands whenever they got their fingers around the edge of the drawbridge when he received word that the Inquisitor and the Keeper were battling up above. So the Mistborn basically looked at his soldiers huddled behind him and said "Sorry, gotta go. Do your best," and left them their to deal with 300 raging Koloss on their own. He rushed up to the surface and quickly found the Keeper and the Inquisitor still dueling- neither one making much progress against the other.

The Inquisitor turned to face the Mistborn but between the Mistborn and the Keeper the fight didn't last much longer. The Inquisitor took another hit or two from each of them before the Mistborn sent a sword spinning at the Inquisitor with a Steelpush and the Inquisitor- with no Steel spike to be able to push it away- was helpless as the sword sliced its leg clean off. It fell to the ground helpless, being kept alive only by the last little bit of Healing left in it's Goldmind.

The Mistborn threatened the Inquisitor and tried to get it to call off the Koloss army, but the Inquisitor just spat in his face and laughed, saying that they were all about to die. And at that point the heroes could hear half of the Koloss army charging up the hill towards their exposed caravan (most of the members were out of the caves by now). They had to decide what to do, and quickly.

They were about to jam the Steel spike into the Keeper again, and possibly harvest a few more spikes from the Inquisitor, when the player controlling the Mistborn proposed an alternate plan. He had enough AP to spare, and a high enough spirit score that he was able to intuit the necessary secrets, plus this was a huge turning point in his character's story (both for his Destiny and Tragedy) that I let him do it. Here's what happened.

As the Inquisitor lay there, mocking them, the Mistborn felt the Inquisitor Rioting him, even through his copper cloud (the Inquisitor was a Rioter before being made into an Inquisitor, so it had a very high Zinc score), and the Mistborn retaliated by cutting the Inquisitor's head off- finally killing it for good. The heroes knew that Inquisitors could somehow control the Koloss, and the Mistborn was able to intuit that it must have something to do with the Inquisitor's stronger-than-usual Rioting. So the Mistborn located removed the spike that had increased the Inquisitor's Zinc, and rammed it into the same spot in his own body- straight through his heart (remember that his character was very anti-hemallurgy, so this was a HUGE deal. And of course being a devious GM I decided that the location of the spike was through his heart so that he couldn't simply remove the spike later). 3:D

Anyway, the two of them rushed to face the Koloss and the Mistborn began rioting them with everything he's got, and one by one the Koloss start snapping under his control. It was only a matter of time until the Koloss army had fought itself nearly to death, with only about 3 dozen Koloss left alive and all of them under the Mistborn's control. The Skaa and soldiers who were still living dropped to their knees, worshipping the heroes as some sort of gods- which clearly they must be after the incredible feats they had just performed.

That's where we ended the session, and the campaign as a whole- at least for the time being. I've been busy IRL and had been trying to wrap up this campaign for a while so that I could take a break from GMing (and hopefully get back to some of the games I've been neglecting on here).

If and when we do ever come back to these characters I left them with a few unresolved plot hooks we can follow up on- the Keeper's Master was present through all of this and witnessed most of it, and when the fighting begun he quietly slipped away and disappeared- disgusted by the heroes' use of hemallurgy on themselves, so the Keeper will have to go searching for his Master (again- he had only recently found his Master after a long separation as part of his character's Tragedy). And I already mentioned that Mr. Anti-Hemallurgy Mistborn now has a Hemallurgic Spike through his heart, so he'll be trying to figure out how to remove it, all while Ruin whispers dark things into his mind and tries to convince him that he needs it.

But we'll see. I'm very happy with how things wrapped up, and probably won't ever come back to these characters. Like I said I've been pretty burned out on GMing lately and these characters and reached the point where they were so powerful that it was becoming difficult to find things to challenge them with. So I'd probably be more interesting in starting over with a new set of characters.
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