Sensational Yarns filler help?

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Re: Sensational Yarns filler help?

Post by Herowannabe » Wed Jul 15, 2020 12:01 am

Sounds epic! :)

Normally I would be all over running a PBP campaign While the lockdown is going on, but my current job (installing fireplaces) was deemed essential so work never skipped a beat for me, plus we’re in the process of trying to move out and sell our house, so I’ve had even less time than usual. :roll:
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Re: Sensational Yarns filler help?

Post by Claincy » Wed Jul 15, 2020 9:45 am


Another option, similar to spirit, is using influence for "maybe I know a guy". Doesn't work so well when you're stuck in a basement with hemalurgic monsters beating down the door. :p But in less immediate situations there's always a chance you know someone helpful. A craftsmen in the appropriate field, a scholar, a member of the underground, a copper, or just an informant. As appropriate. If you're willing to fill in the gap they don't even have to know who or what would be helpful before rolling. You can pick an appropriate person (perhaps one you prepared earlier, if it fits) and you can ask them how they know the person for a quick touch of extra character/backstory.

Herowannabe wrote:
Sat Jul 11, 2020 11:40 pm
^ this. I remember Brandon saying (in one of his chapter annotations, I believe) that when you’re writing a story, if you feel things are starting to drag on and get boring, then have the characters get attacked. I’ve found it effective in Narrating, too. For example, the time I had 2 inquisitors attack the crew in Dying Light. Good times.
Mm they were.
(And we learned never to give a character a shardblade and allow them to be unreasonably good with it unless you want them to kick butt with it. :p)

Wish I could run something, but my thumbs are still recovering from RSIs. It's been over a year now }:( But they are improving. I can do more now, but not enough to run a PBP campaign yet.
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