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Postby Herowannabe » Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:53 am

I got this yesterday when I noticed that the ebook was only $3 on Kindle and you could add on the audible narration for only $3 more. Listened to it. Liked it. It's a little dark/gritty though, which caught me off guard, since it's supposed to be in the same universe as the Reckoners. But then, the opening scene of Steelheart was pretty dark too, so I shouldn't be too surprised.

I thought I had figured out the ending ahead of time, but Brandon did it again and totally surprised me with the ending in a very good and believable way. I thought for sure that his partner was the Photographer. There were all these little clues and hints pointing towards it, but nope.

I wonder if the Epic they have locked up powering the snap shots is somehow responsible for creating all the alternate dimensions in Reckoners / Apocalypse Guard.

Also, I wonder what dimension Snap Shot exists in. I'm guessing not the same one that Reckoners takes place in, just because when Reckoners ends the Epics are still around but in Snapshot they seem to have been subdued and hooked up to machines. But who knows? There's not a lot of info to go on- Snap shot only mentions one Epic, and that it does so obliquely, and there's no mention of Calamity (past or present).
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