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Absence & Rocks App

Post by Claincy » Fri Mar 24, 2017 10:32 am

Hey all, sorry I haven't been able to update much in the past couple of weeks :(

It's been a combination of my headaches being worse than normal and the leadup to the launch of an app I've been part of a team working on for over a year now (not full time, but considerable amounts over the course of the project).

It's called "Monash Rocks" and it's for the Monash Earth Sciences Garden at Monash University in Melbourne. We held the official launch event today and it went well :)

We've still got a couple of major bugs to fix, a number of smaller bugs and tweaks to make and an android build to test and deploy but I'm very happy with what our team has made :)

The only part of the app that actually requires being on location is the part that displays where you are in the rock garden and directs you to specific rocks. The information, Augmented Reality components and virtual sea floor all work anywhere.

Now that that has launched I should have a little more time and energy to keep on top of things here :)
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