Roshar, Sel, Nalthis. Healing.

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Roshar, Sel, Nalthis. Healing.

Post by Mac » Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:27 am

Being an Elantrian does not give you Wolverine-level healing. Raoden gets stabbed in the hand and it doesn't even heal enough to do AonDor for many minutes, enough time for Sarene to engage in a swordfight, Hrathen to dramatically sacrifice himself, and then sit around chilling, waiting for Galladon to find them.

However, the Shaod apparently does. In Hope of Elantris, Dashe is stabbed right through the stomach and becomes Hoed, then the Shaod finishes. He manages to heal despite the sword being still inside of him, and stands up hale and hearty to save his daughter.

Since literally every single Returned came from death to "functioning human body", it seems they also heal. Granted, the only three we know of died from drowning, sickness, and poison, which would not leave outward scars. Maybe the damage inside is still just there, but their nature as a Returned ignores it. We see several other Returned and none of them have any outward indication of life-ending injury. On balance, I suspect they were healed, rather than that every one of them died in a manner that was both heroic and left no outward sign of injury.

Yet, again, they don't seem to heal especially fast. Lightsong is stabbed in the leg and it doesn't close over quickly at all. Maybe it would have healed faster than a normal person's would have, but several minutes later it didn't seem to have improved.

I therefore posit the following speculation. Drastic changes to your Spiritual Self, such as Returning or the Shaod, cause your body to suddenly be way out of whack with your new Spiritual Ideal. Either there is free energy related to the change which gets drawn on in order to adjust your body to fit this new Ideal, or a change that drastic prompts a natural realmatic reaction to match your physical self to your spiritual.

Given that it does seem so much like healing, I further posit that it suffers from the same cognitive filters that normal healing does. So, if Kaladin were to be taken by the Shaod, he'd prolly still keep his forehead scars (at least if he were taken at this point in the story).

Returning is obviously a little interesting... how much of your "cognitive self" is tied to your memory? I realize that deep down Lightsong still sees himself as an accountant, and so Kaladin would prolly deep down still... let's just say 'have issues', but if he no longer consciously can remember why the scars have anything to do with that, is it possible the cognitive filter would stop interfering with it? Again, it would change nothing about how he feels about himself, deep down, even if he can't remember. But, if he can't remember what the scars mean or how he got them or why or the circumstances around it, would they become dissociated enough in his mind from the underlying experience that they would be healed away?
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