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Postby Herowannabe » Tue Aug 01, 2017 8:35 am

Kadrok wrote:Here. Still alive. Is it weird I kind of blame myself for the site dying down? I used to have so much energy for this, and now it seems like everything is a drain. Depression sucks.

I feel you. I let both my games slip into prolonged inactivity and I seriously wonder how much more active this site would have been if I hadn't. :oops:

As for depression, I feel you there, too. I've been there. Lately in the face of trials I've been taking comfort in the knowledge that they won't last forever. I firmly believe that this life is not the end, and the trials we face, no matter how bad or dark they get, when it boils down to it they're only temporary. At some point they will stop. Just hang in there, and I hope that that day comes sooner rather than later for you. :)
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Postby cometaryorbit » Wed Aug 02, 2017 5:28 am

-I'm definitely still interested. Just got reliable internet back after serious computer issues.

-I should be able to post every day or two if a game is active.

-A one-shot sounds interesting too.
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Postby Claincy » Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:10 am

Claincy wrote:(Edit: I make no promises on when (or definitively if) for this but I'll try to find time to look into PHP again and see if I can get a new dice mod working on the test site. Then see if I can contact tec to look at pushing the upgrade through. Almost everything else was ready to go on that front. After the work we put into getting it ready it'd be a shame to never finish that.)

Still no guarantees of when or if here but I just spent the past few hours working on the test site and got bbcode working in the shoutbox again and (far more importantly) I got a dice mod working. So...progress. It still needs some work and then we'd need tec to do an actual upgrade, but it's looking possible.

(This completely burned up any time I coulda spent posting here today though, so I'll get on that tomorrow.)
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Postby Bill Whitmore » Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:54 am

I can check in daily, probably more, but I don't really care about anything beyond Mistborn so I tune out conversations about "realmatics" which seemed to become all that was being posted.

So I checked in daily for a while but with no game activity, that fell to every other day, then weekly, bi weekly, once a month to once every month or two (hence the reason I am about 2 months late replying to this).

I have had more free time over the last month or so and with the release of Mistborn House War, I have been considering restarting the House game I was working on a while back. I would probably scale it back a bit and have the players all come from the same minor house rather than try to run a half-dozen different houses.

I am still interested in Path of Steel and I would love to continue School of Hard Knocks. I'd also like to play Cale, my Bruteblood Bounty Hunter again from Charcoal, Sulfur and Saltpeter, whether in that game or imported over into another game.
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