Berserker Fury - Non-Invested Power option

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Berserker Fury - Non-Invested Power option

Post by Zath » Fri Mar 09, 2018 1:05 am

For the full-blown power version of Berserker Fury, I figure any discussion about it should be in its own thread, rather than the Weapon Stunts thread.

Credit goes to @Der Alleskrieg for the idea of adapting Pathfinder's barbarian rage rules to the MAG.

Here's a rough draft of what it might look like as a Power option:

Berserker Fury: (You may not gain this Power if your character is predominantly Terris (possible exceptions with Narrator approval)).

You have unlocked the savage fury that resides in your blood, inherited from your ancient barbarian-warrior ancestors, from a time before the Final Empire. …Or, you’re just absolutely nuts and prone to exceptionally violent outbursts in battle. Who knows? Or cares? If it ain't broke...

Gaining and Improving the Berserker Fury Power: This is an Average Power. A character that starts with the Berserker Fury Power has a rating of 4. A character who spends 10 AP during a Long Breather to gain this Power has a rating of 3. It costs 6 AP to improve your Berserker rating by 1. If you have this Power, you may purchase Berserker Stunts by spending 4 AP. The lowest a Berserker rating can be is 2 (for NPCs), and the highest is 10.

Rules: During a Physical Conflict (and only during a Physical Conflict), you may choose to go Berserk. You must use the Unfell poison item (ST&A, pg 98) to go Berserk (“Raging Fever,” get it? Ha! Yeah…), but you don’t receive the “Raging Fever” Serious Burden from its use. This is not an action and may be started at any time, similar to choosing to burn a metal or tap a metalmind. You may Berserk for a number of Beats/Conflict Rounds equal to your Berserker rating. While Berserk, you are in the grip of a primal fury—you deal +1 Damage with all attacks. When you declare a physical attack, you gain a number of dice equal to half your Berserker rating, rounded up. Your Health is temporarily increased by half of your Physique score, rounded down. You are also immune to Willpower Damage while you are Berserk.

However, you may only make simple melee attacks or very simple ranged attacks (no guns or bows for you), and you may not make Called Shots or engage in other such trickery. What counts as "trickery" is subject to Narrator discretion. Your opponents gain a "free" Nudge when engaging in feints, Called Shots, or anything else the Narrator deems as "trickery." In addition, you must spend the maximum amount of Action Dice possible on attacks (although leftover dice after forming a pool of 10 and bonus defense dice from shields may still be used for your Defense Dice supply).

Choosing to stop Berserking doesn't count as an action. You may choose to stop Berserking when you declare an action, i.e. during Step 1 (Declare Actions) of a Conflict Round, or by “Declaring a New Action” during Step 2 of a Round (see the MAG, pg 174, 180). After you finish Berserking, you are utterly spent. You gain the "Exhausted" Serious Burden (physical) for the duration of your exhaustion, and if you’re foolish or unlucky enough to get into another physical Conflict, you deal -1 Damage with all attacks. The duration of your exhaustion is a number of hours equal to the number of Conflict Rounds you spent Berserk, or until the next Breather, whichever comes first. You may not Berserk while exhausted. If your Health is reduced to 0 or less as a result of ending your Berserk, you immediately begin dying unless someone can stabilize you with a successful Wits 3 roll.

Hemalurgic Blood-Lust—abandon hope, all ye who enter here! If your character has 3 or more Hemalurgic spikes and/or has the “Puppet of Ruin” Trait, then when you go Berserk, you gain an additional +1 Damage for the duration of your Berserk (for a total of +2 Damage, in most cases). You may go Berserk for a longer amount of time; a number of Rounds equal to your Berserker rating x 2. When you end your Berserk, in addition to the normal effects of exhaustion, you take 1 Willpower Damage for every 2 Rounds you spent Berserk. With enough Damage, you gain a Mental Burden and may even suffer Mental Defeat (discuss the specifics with the Narrator).

Berserker Stunts

Cold Fury: During battle, your veins run not with raging fire, but with a chilling, calculated violence. Your opponents no longer gain a “free” Nudge when they make Called Shots or use trickery against you while you are Berserk. Additionally, you may choose to boost your Health by half of your Wits score rounded down, instead of your Physique. Your calculations come at a cost, though; you become vulnerable to Willpower Damage even though you are Berserk.

No Pain, No Gain: “It’s only a flesh wound!” You can shrug off wounds that would cripple a lesser mortal. For the duration of your Berserk, you may temporarily lessen the effects of any physical Burdens you have by one degree (from Mortal to Grave, from Grave to Serious, or from Serious to no Burden). This can be stacked with flared aPewter’s effect. Also, any Burdens you would receive from attacks are lessened by one degree as well. This second effect canNOT be stacked with the “Take a Licking” skaa Stunt (i.e. incoming Burdens can be lessened by one degree max, no more).

Barbarian Ancestors: For some reason, this club feels like the perfect fit… While Berserk, when you attack with a “primitive” weapon like a club, a staff, or a rock, you gain a “free” Nudge if you succeed your attack roll.

Stubborn Fury: That shipping crate deserved it… With Narrator approval, if you fail a Physique Challenge outside of combat, you may immediately try again, except this time you may add a number of dice to your roll equal to half your Berserker rating, rounded up. For this second attempt, you may not gain any dice from Traits, Tools, or Positive Circumstances, and the second Result stands, even if it’s worse than your original roll. You may only use this Stunt once per session (i.e. once used, you cannot use this Stunt again until after the next Long Breather).

Never-Ending Rage: You don’t know when to quit. You may go Berserk for a longer time—a number of Conflict Rounds equal to your Berserker rating x 2. You may combine this Stunt with the Hemalurgic Blood-Lust rule to go Berserk for even longer, equal to your Berserker rating x 3.

Under Control: You’ve become familiar with the consequences of your Berserker Rage and you know how to deal with it. After you end your Berserker Rage, you do NOT gain the “Exhausted” Serious Burden. However, you are still spent from combat, and cannot go Berserk again for the duration of your post-Beserk exhaustion, as normal. You cannot use this Stunt in combination with the Never-Ending Rage Stunt or the Hemalurgic Bood-Lust rule (e.g. if your Berserker rating is 5, and you went Berserk for 6 Conflict Rounds, you wouldn’t be able to use this Stunt).

SMASH!!: “You won’t like me when I’m angry!” You are a truly destructive force in combat, if not an outright weapon of mass destruction! When you go Berserk, you may choose to use the effects of this Stunt for the duration of the battle. Your Damage bonus from going Berserk is increased by an additional +1 Damage (for a total of +2 Damage, in most cases). This effect stacks with the Hemalurgic Blood-Lust rule. However, being so recklessly aggressive has its downsides—You must spend a Nudge on all defense rolls you make throughout this Conflict, or else your Result drops by 1.
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Re: Berserker Fury - Non-Invested Power option

Post by Skullduggery » Fri Mar 09, 2018 4:49 am

Der Alleskrieg
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Re: Berserker Fury - Non-Invested Power option

Post by Der Alleskrieg » Fri Mar 09, 2018 4:40 pm

I like it.

Although the possibility of just using the original "stunt" as a rating-less power (like hemalurgic spikes) is also appealing, I guess it just depends on the narrator.

DA Approves 3:D 3:D 3:D
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