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Time spent

Post by Claincy » Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:26 am

I plan to be properly active here again very shortly but in the meantime I got curious about how much time I've spent on "The 16/path of Steel" campaign.

I'm excluding all travel time, organisation (finding players, finding times when people are free etc), administration, etc. I'm just thinking about the time spent preparing and playing :) (This is gonna be very much an estimate but it's just for fun anyway.)

Steel ministry
I'm going to estimate 5 minutes per post I made. Some were certainly less, but some were a lot more. 5 minutes seems a good workable average.
I'm going to estimate 30 seconds of reading time for each other post. Some took less, others more. It's a lower bound average I think given how much you all like doing massive posts. :D

Currently there are 4502 posts in PoS.
My profile says I have 1196 posts in the action thread.
I'm going to estimate that 20% of the posts in the other threads are mine.
152 + 596 + 251 = 999 so say 200 more posts.
Making a total count of roughly 1396 posts of mine in PoS.
And 4502 - 1396 = 3106 posts by others in PoS.

Estimated posting time: 1196 * 5 = 5980 min = 99.67 hours
Estimated reading time: 3106 * 0.5 = 1553 min = 25.88 hours
Total = 125.55 hours

Average session length 4-5 hours.
Average prep time 3-4 hours maybe? (Kinda hard to remember.)
Let's say 8 hours total for easy estimation as a lower bound.

24 sessions so far in the campaign.
24 * 8 = 192 hours.

125.55 + 192 = 317.55 hours total. Guess it's safe to say I really like the MAG :)

Anyway, I should be posting again very shortly :D
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