Happy Father's day!

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Happy Father's day!

Post by Mac » Sun Jun 21, 2015 4:34 pm

To the great fathers of the cosmere!

Like Lin Davar... mebbe not...

Gavilar! Yeah his kids BOTH turned out totes fine... No social maladaptions in either of them, no broken souls for a Spren to bond to...

Er, Tevidian Tekiel (Vin's dad, and the Lord Prelan).

Straff Venture. ::cough cough:: Moving on.

Spook's dad was an absolute delight.

Lirin? His domineering nearly drove Kaladin away and his pride killed Tien...

King Dedelin? There are worse things than sending one daughter to die because you decided you loved the other one more...

King Iadon! He spent several minutes pretending to mourn his "dead" son before sacrificing maids to his dark gods.

AH-HA! Eventeo! A legitimately good father! Kiin wasn't awful; lousy brother, but good father. Dalinar's pretty strict, but for the past few years he's at least tried to be a good dad. We know little of how Ham was like with his kids, but on balance there's no reason to assume he wasn't a good dad.

Ashweather Cett? Terrible person, but his kids seem to love him and they both turned out okay-ish.
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