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What a drag

Post by Mac » Fri Jul 17, 2015 12:36 am

Studying the math of pewter dragging. This came about from: If I were a Mistborn in real life, what sort of things would I have to do to "practice" pewter dragging? The best information comes from Final Empire, when they run out to the caves.

Kelsier at some point mentions, "let's see how you feel in sixteen hours." This isn't a terribly useful number, as we don't know if he means that this will be the whole run, or part of it.

He does give us some slightly more specific information; he says, it's three hours until sunset, and I expect to make it before noon tomorrow.

I'm less positive of the timeline of the series, but I believe it starts in something like the fall (I believe in their first mission, they talk about it being fall, and them wanting to be ready by next fall). When Kelsier is at the caves, not long before this, I think they say they've been recruiting for six months. So we can place this early spring. Sunset... 6:30? 7? Let's say 7. (They are at very northern latitudes, not sure what effect this would have).

So. If it's roughly three hours to sunset, that's four. He plans to make it before noon tomorrow, so let's ballpark to eleven. So a total of nineteen hours of running. We only have Vin's perception of the actual time they stop, and when they stop she says the sun has been up for "seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months" so I'm gonna go ahead and discount literally everything we get from her. Kelsier's estimate will have to be good enough. I just read the passage and I don't see a mention of anything specific, so if someone wants to find a quote I missed, have at.

Vin comments as they leave the city that she's not going as fast as a horse can gallop. On Earth, horses gallop 25-30mph. Let's assume that if there's any difference, Scadrian horses are not faster. So, she's sprinting at less than 25mph. Let's go with 23. If someone wants to give me a reason to pick another number, I'm all ears.

Interestingly, on Earth, the sprinting record held by Usain Bolt is 28mph over a hundred meter dash. I haven't calculated it yet but I believe her sprint was longer; still, interesting to know that even with pewter, Vin couldn't catch Earth's unInvested champion over short distances.

After her "not as fast as a galloping horse" moment, Kelsier has them run faster. I'm gonna stick with my 23mph number, just cuz really the numbers are getting imprecise to me.

At this estimate, Vin and Kelsier ran 437 miles (703.28km for the metrics among us) in less than a day. So, if I wanted to do a practice pewter drag a la Vin's first, I would run from my home in Washington, DC to just about Dayton, OH. Or, I could end up back home if I ran to Pittsburgh and back.

Or an inland route from Brisbane to Newcastle.

I wonder what manner of distances you'd be capable of with practice. I wonder what distances you'd be capable of if you had Elend's power and Ham's skill. Cross-country jogs would sound eminently plausible at that point.

Anyway. As I've said, a bunch of the numbers are less precise than I'd like. If anyone wants to give me additional information or a quote I've missed, feel free!

Edit: the distance is also covered, whether by canal or a marching group of 2 thousand men, in two weeks. This would require speeds of 31 miles a day. Perhaps a bit much. My estimates might be high.
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