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Concept: Becker's Protege
Cause: Restore honor to Becker's legacy
Target: Worldhoppers
Method: JUSTICE!
Race: Terris
Sex: M
Age: 22
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 85kg
Attributes Standing Resilience
Physique: 5 Resources: 4/4 Health: 9/9
Charm: 2 Influence: 2/2 Reputation: 4/4
Wits: 4 Spirit: 3/3 Willpower: 7/7

Traits and Burdens:
Drive: Glorious Victory
Profession: Bouncer
Specialty: Duels
Feature: Sturdy Frame
Personality: Confident
Other Traits:

Tragedy: His trainer, surrogate father, and friend was brutally slaughtered by a merciless worldhopper. (This is admittedly his own biased interpretation of events).

Destiny: Chosen by Harmony, he will keep the borders of Scadrial safe from any who would dare drag the cosmere's problems to the doorstep of a world barely back from the brink of collapse.

Secrets known:

All Metals (3)


Hammer (+3 Damage) Touching/Striking
Set of 6 metalminds:
Pewter: A bracer on his left upper arm
Steel: A bracer on his right upper arm
Iron: A pair of anklets, one on either leg
Zinc: Six rings, one for either thumb, four for all middle and ring fingers.
Bronze: Numerous earrings per ear, including disks set in to elongated lobes.
Gold: A necklace made of thick links, flattened for comfort, worn under his loose robes. Just about thick enough to still be comfortable even when he's pewter-bulked.


Backstory: His is the unfortunate distinction of being the final Terrisman ever gelded before the Warrior Ascendant slew the Lord Ruler; it's now been more than ten years since the World of Ash gave way to a new era for Scadrial. Young enough that he hadn't yet been tested for feruchemical powers, the woman in charge of his group of foundlings wisely decided to suspend testing when the Synod was all killed; by this grace, Ruin never sensed him using Feruchemy, and he was spared the death of hemalurgic theft to fuel the Dark God's monstrous minions.

As such, in the New World, when his powers were discovered, as the only living Keeper over the age of two, of all the books Harmony gifted to mankind, the few explaining various uses for Feruchemy were given to his custody, that he might renew the tradition among the Terris people. He studied, not just the ways of the Keeper order, but what little was known about their Art from the Classic days, when some Feruchemists were Worldbringers, others were packmen in the cold mountains... and still others were warriors.

It was this last that fascinated him. The craft by which one complemented one's own stored attributes with skill and tactics. And that was when Becker found him. The man was a Thug, champion of Scadrial, asked personally by Harmony to keep the world safe, for there were other worlds out there, and those with the knowledge and power to traverse the inestimable distances between worlds didn't always have their destination's best interests at heart.

He studied, he learned. He spent weeks storing up his useful attributes, and months drilling his body while he was weak, slow, and infirm, so that he'd be trained in skills that did not rely on brute force, but complemented them. He took up the hammer, the weapon of his hero, and grew adept in its use.

And then the day came. Becker was slain in the sand of a nameless arena, losing his life to a man from Roshar. Harzel had spent years training, drilling with Becker, and his first fight-to-the-death would be the one to avenge his mentor's death and honor his memory.

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