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Dannek, The Pewterplate

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:36 pm
by Mac
Concept: Pewterplate
Cause: Unbreachable Fortress!
Target: Twin Brother
Method: Duel
Race: Scadrian
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 265


Allomantic Pewter (5)
Shardplate (4)

AVERAGE Attributes

Physique: 4 (9)
Charm: 2
Wits: 5

WEAK Standings

Resources: 4
Influence: 2
Spirit: 3


Health: 8(13) (+10 Shardplate)
Reputation: 4
Willpower: 8

Traits and Burdens:
(^By agreement, simply +2 "Traits" to every action)

Tragedy: I will soon be an only child.

Destiny: Prove that the ultimate defense will cause my enemies to destroy themselves against my walls.

Secrets known:

(p2) Shardplate, 10 Gems
(p) Pewter Misting Vial, 3 Charges
(p) Sword (+2 dmg)

Backstory: Dannek and his spiritual twin brother used their combined power to take down a full Shardbearer. Each Thug gleefully took half of their defeated foe's powerset, each secretly pleased that they had gotten the better half. But then it was less secret, as they started bragging. And then they got mad at each other, for not accepting the other's superiority. And now all that's left is for them to fight to the death, to prove which is better, the Pewterplate, or the Pewterblade.