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Re: Atium

Post by Kadrok » Sun Jul 27, 2014 4:47 pm

I agree with Kurk that the damage would be limited to extreme circumstances. It's meant to be about using speed to increase force, but if I use speed to get around your defences and hit weak points (in a general fighting sense rather than a called shot sense) I don't see that there'd be the same impact stress. Brandon's example is very blunt and includes the character running at their target. I'm not convinced tapping Steel to fence better or whatever would have that same effect. But I haven't looked at the character sheets yet.
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Re: Atium

Post by Mac » Sun Jul 27, 2014 5:10 pm

I agree with Kad, as I stated before, that some of the speed goes towards simple better positioning and doesn't affect the outcome, hence why I stipulate that the charges spent to increase the initial dice pool are entirely exempt. However, for that to make sense the way you're saying it, you'd have to assume that absolutely all of the effort your putting into is "safe" effort, that you essentially have an infinite upper limit to how fast you can "safely" go and still gain advantage, a la this "fast step" someone was talking about in a thread somewhere. But again, that's not actually how purely physical speed works.

Your body moving faster to a certain extent will benefit you greatly, but you will come up to the point where your own reflexes simply become a supremely limiting factor. Someone mentioned a hero in an anime zipping around and then striking calmly at his leisure, but that isn't super-human speed with purely human reflexes, that's super-human speed with super-human reflexes. If I'm guarding my weak spot, you can run around me real fast and get there before I can stop you. But you haven't seen it yet, you don't know what it looks like, you don't know what position it's in. By the time your own only human reflexes take in and process that information, guess what, so have I. I now realize you're right there and I'm able to shift, even if only enough to modify my weak point slightly.

I disagree strongly with the assertion that a ton of purely physical speed, helpful as it may be in circumstances where fast reaction times are irrelevant, is the silver bullet (or steel, I suppose) allowing a Steelrunner infinite flexibility in combat when his own mental speed is no faster than his opponents; at some point, you're forced to rely on speed generating extreme force.

In the interests of moving the fight along, however, I concede the point and I accept Kurk's compromise. I will now say as much in the actual Arena thread.
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