Robert Erikell (Futile Efforts)

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Robert Erikell (Futile Efforts)

Post by Kurkistan » Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:54 pm

Here lies Robert, first of his name, Lord of the Great House Erikell. Died fighting to free Scadrial from Tyranny.

Robert was never a brave man, nor a particularly smart one, but what he lacked in wits he made up for in charisma. And he was a born with a dream. A dream of a god slain and Erikell triumphant.

Robert discovered his affinity for electrum at a young age, when he was tested for the rare metal as all heirs of Erikell past had been. He was immediately enthralled by its power: what need had he of courage or wits when he could always rely upon his future selves to light the way to success?

Robert took to burning electrum constantly, drifting through the world in a haze of unnatural assurance. Whenever he fell or was injured, he would always look more disappointed than pained, stoking his electrum higher to avoid such errors in the future.

Through twists and turns uncountable, Robert found himself in company with the strangest of groups with the most lofty of goals: to finally kill that man. They spent years marshaling allies and supplies and secrets, until finally the day of the assassination came.

Robert lead half of his army of 20,000 towards the Lord Ruler's barge in the wilds outside Luthadel, his cowardice overcome by the confidence of his future selves. He and his most loyal of men endured all that the Lord Ruler could throw at their minds, defeating the monster's army and confronting his Inquisitor. With much pain and effort, they slew the Inquisitor, mounting its head on a pike and marching to confront the tyrant himself.

Robert challenged the Lord Ruler directly, trusting in his electrum as he had always done. But he underestimated the god's strength. Weakened by his battle with the Inquisitor and overmatched by the most powerful allomancer, feruchemist, and hemalurgist to ever walk Scadrial, Robert fell before the Lord Ruler without landing a single blow. His last vision in this world was the redirected arrows of his own bravest men being Pushed towards Robert's mangled body, as his electrum shadows finally failed to show him his a brighter future.

He died hoping only that his companions could do more to harm the Lord Ruler than he had.

Death Post
Out Of Character: Click to revealShow
Concept: Electrum God (You'll see...)
-Lord of house Erikell, btw. Name's Robert.

MIGHTY POWERS: Electrum Savant
Electrum 9
-Instinctive Burning
-Slow burning x2 (40 minutes per charge, 1 while flaring)
-Savant. 2 free Nudges, lose 1 Will when not burning (which won't happen)

(His role is to stay alive while directing his troops.)

Physique 5
Charm 4
Wits 2

Resources 2/8
Influence 3
Spirit 2

13 Health, 7 Reputation, 4 Will

Drive: Kill that man
Profession: House Lord
Specialty: Staying not-dead
Feature: Loud
Personality: Cowardly

Leather armor - Damage -1
Large wooden shield - +2 dice for defense rolls
Stone spear - Damage +2
Obsidian dagger - Damage +1
Formal clothing
Electrum vial x2 - 3 charges of Electrum each, so 6 minutes of flaring. I'll be flaring.


Currently in possession of a 20,000 strong army with 5 Extras, a personal bodyguard, and a team of hazekillers.
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Re: Robert Erikell (Futile Efforts)

Post by Kadrok » Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:47 pm

He was the best of friends, he was the worst of friends.
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Re: Robert Erikell (Futile Efforts)

Post by Herowannabe » Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:41 pm

Just to clarify, the "thumbs up / thanks) for this post is not just for the eulogy itself, but for creating an interesting character, playing him in such a way as to make it fun for me to watch and narrate for, and for seeing it through all the way to the bitter end. Well done Kurkistan. :)
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Re: Robert Erikell (Futile Efforts)

Post by Kurkistan » Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:57 pm

Robert became slightly more interesting over the course of the story, I think, and that's due to your insistence that we make an actual story out of this more than anything else. :)

I walked into this thinking dear old Robert would last all of 3 posts, so any and all development/characterization is mostly due to you forcing it to happen. :P
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Re: Robert Erikell (Futile Efforts)

Post by Claincy » Tue Jan 28, 2014 4:29 pm

Robert was not a brave man by most people's measure. Yet he commanded loyalty and respected from those around him, and their support bolstered his own courage. He died fighting for the freedom of all. He will be missed.
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