Eddard Lekal (Futile Efforts)

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Eddard Lekal (Futile Efforts)

Post by Claincy » Sat Feb 22, 2014 5:54 pm

Here lies Eddard of house Lekal, slain in combat by the lord Ruler.

From an early age Eddard surprised and inspired others with his courage and with his unflinching loyalty. Partly due to his unbending morals he often had difficulty making friends, though he was a good friend to those he had.

Shortly after the beating in which he snapped into his allomantic power Eddard met Robert for the first time and despite the rivalry and sometimes enmity between their houses the two quickly became inseparable. At the age of 18 he was kidnapped by a group of fanatics who were experimenting with haemalurgy. Through some stroke of luck they succeeded in spiking Eddard with a brass spike containing feruchemical zinc, Eddard never found out where they got the spike. He managed to free himself and then wiped out the fanatics, less from a desire for revenge and more to prevent them from harming anyone else.

Eddard knew of Robert's dream of dethroning the lord Ruler but he considered it foolishness. Until the day that the lord Prelan took his sister, Lyanna, against her will and later murdered her. Seeing the corruption at the very top of the lord ruler's priest hood and longing for revenge Eddard finally decided to do anything he could to make the empire fall. He helped Robert prepare and gather allies, and a year later when Robert made his move, Eddard gathered what troops he could and marched with him to kill the tyrant.

During the battle Eddard fought the lord Ruler's inquisitors and, on 2 occasions the lord Ruler himself. He managed to slay one of the inquisitors with barely a scratch, and assisted Jastes in slaying another. His first fight with the lord Ruler came to an early end when Rashek leaped back out onto the battle field to attack Robert. With Robert and most of their army dead Eddard confronted the lord Ruler a second time, this time with Jastes supporting him. He managed to dodge the lord Ruler's attacks for a few seconds, scoring a shallow wound on the false god's arm before the lord Ruler, tapping large quantities from his metalminds, grabbed Eddard and tore him asunder.

Eddard died seeking vengeance for all those who had been slain, and a better world for those who remained.

Death Post
Out Of Character: Click to revealShow
Concept: Hemalurgist Tank
Target: The Lord Ruler
Method: Assassination
Race: Noble
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Height: 6' 3" <yay! I'm tall =D>
Weight: 82kg
Attributes Standing Resilience
Physique: 6 Resources: 6/6 Health: 11/12
Charm: 2 Influence: 2/2 Reputation: 4/4
Wits: 5 Spirit: 3/3 Willpower: 8/8

Traits and Burdens:
Drive: Kill the false god
Profession: Soldier
Specialty: Spear fighting
Feature: attractive target
Personality: loyal (to friends)

Tragedy: Half-breed sister slain by ministry.

Destiny: To dethrone the lord Ruler and replace him with someone better.

Secrets known:


Pewter 7
Denser Tissues 2

Zinc 5

1 Brass Spike - grants Zinc Feruchemy, rating 5

1 Misting vials - Each contains 3 charges of Pewter
Metalminds (3) - 3 Zinc bracers each containing 100 charges of mental speed (piercing)
Plate armour - Prevents 3 damage from physical attacks
Stone spear - Damage: +2; Range: Striking; contains no metal

The lid on the chamber slid back with a hiss and Claincy stepped out, rubbing his back. "Dang. I liked that one." he muttered as he walked into the adjacent room and retrieved a flask from the bench there. He took a long swig, then went to the cupboard and retrieved a small brown-red coloured bar and munched on it for a time, lost in thought.

When he had finished the bar, he stretched, rolled his shoulders, and returned to the first room, where a row of tall upright chambers stood, each identical to the one he had just left. He wandered along the line, checking the displays on each chamber before returning to his own.

Stepping back into his chamber Claincy pressed a button on the side, and a holographic display lit up in front of him. After a moment's thought he smiled and tapped a name "Gen". He leaned back into the chamber, closing his eyes as the chamber door slid shut.

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