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Postby Kadrok » Thu Mar 06, 2014 11:56 pm

In a large, hot tar pit on the very edges of the cemetery you see a large bubble expand and pop, showering the nearby shore with sticky black tar. You see a shape bob to the surface, seemingly disturbed by the bubble: a barely recognizeable ruin of a body, blackened and burned by the tar into which it was dumped, and torn into chunks by some ungodly force.

Here lies Jastes "Shadow" Hasting, unmourned and all but forgotten. A man whose most generous act, opposing the Lord Ruler, was motivated not by altruism or humanity, but petty revenge for the collapse of the perfect life he felt entitled to. A man who would have been twice the tyrant Rashek was, had he somehow succeeded. A man who would have gladly sold out all of creation for the chance of unlimited power. He was assuredly planning to kill even his allies once victory was assured.

He got what he deserved.
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