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Gash visits the market, picks up a fashionable- and colorful- suit, and spends hours wandering through the marketplace. No sign of Hoid. Gash is just about to leave when he notices a bit of graffiti painted on what used to be a Ministry building. The graffiti is just a series of colorful brushstrokes. Sighing, Gash glances around to make sure nobody is paying attention, then recalls enough Breath to reach the third heightening. Sure enough, the seemingly-random brush strokes are actually the artisan's script.

Gash quickly reads the message- instructions from Hoid on how to contact him- then stores his Breath again. He looks around again- a few people glance at him oddly, but soon shake their heads and continue on with their business- before making his way back to the Safehouse.


Later that night, Gash sits by the open window of the room he shares with Jerrard. The Thug is out with Jaira for the night. A soft rustling announces the return of the strawman he had sent out earlier. Following Hoid's instructions, Gash had sent the strawman out with a letter and the bead of Atium he had acquired. The small figure climbs up into the window sill, carrying a letter under one straw-arm. Gash takes the letter, then says, "Your Breath to mine." The straw figure falls limply to the ground as Gash's Breath is drawn out of it.

The letter- which was written on the back of Gash's own letter- reads:

Well done. Continue to ensure that Elend Venture and lady Vin survive the upcoming events. I am chasing rumors of the location of the Well of Ascension, so you will be on your own for a month or two. Be cautious, we are not the only off-worlders here. Apparently a disgruntled acquaintance of mine has followed me here. I'm not sure how he managed it, but that's what I get for killing his brother. Be on your guard. If he learns of our association he may come seeking you.

Good luck.
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