Shadd, Skaa Garrison General

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Postby Der Alleskrieg » Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:46 pm

Name: Scadd
Concept: Tough Old(-ish) Guy

Race: Skaa
Sex: Male
Age: 46
Height: Not yet determined
Weight: Not yet determined

Drive: Protect the people of Luthadel
Profession: General
Specialty: Master tactician
Feature: Heavily scarred
Personality: Calculating

Attributes (W) Standings (S) Resiliences
Physique 3 (8) Resources 4/4 Health 7/7 (12/12)
Charm 3 Influence 7/7 Reputation 10/10
Wits 4 Spirit 3/3 Willpower 7/7

Half of my battalion was slaughtered by a wild group of koloss when I was just 17

Live to see the skaa freed

Pewter 5
-Denser Tissues - While burning pewter, Shadd's flesh becomes tougher and denser, and he suffers 1 less damage from physical attacks.
Skaa Stunts:

-(P) Sword - Damage: +2; Melee Range: Touch/Striking
-(P) Steel Mail - Absorbs 2 damage from physical attacks
-(P) Small Steel Shield - Adds 1 die to all rolls against physical attacks
-(P) Misting Vial - Contains 3 charges of pewter

Secrets Known

Out of Character. Click to reveal.
+10 Starting AP (At least, otherwise Shadd won't be used)
-5 +1 Wits
-5 +1 Influence
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