Wilor Zerrung

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Wilor Zerrung

Post by Mailliw73 » Wed Oct 14, 2015 1:09 am

Name: Wilor Zerrung

Crew: Cobalt Mists(?)

Concept: Destitute Noble
Tragedy: His father, Larius, was killed in front of him by a skaa.

Destiny: Get revenge on the nobility

-Drive: Get revenge on the nobility

-Profession: pickpocket

-Specialty: Knife Fighting

-Feature: Always has a knife at his waist

-Personality: Paranoid

-Additional traits: Loyal


-Iron Allomancy +5. Stunt: Multiple Targets

*Attributes(13) and Standings(9)*

-Physique: 6

-Charm: 2

-Wits: 5

-Resources: 4

-Influence: 3

-Spirit: 2

-Health: 10

-Reputation: 5

-Willpower: 7


A knife with a sheath

Leather Breastplate

Wooden Mask

Metal Vial
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