Preliminary Physical: Giles

Role play while specifically at the Elendel University
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Preliminary Physical: Giles

Post by Mac » Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:10 am

The infirmary was mostly empty this early in the morning, the sun barely up, students too tired to hurt themselves yet. Dr. Reynz drank a large mug of coffee, his favorite blend. Lotika in the cafeteria always made it special, just for him. It was warm, delicious, and amazing, and the fact that it woke him up didn't hurt. He never slept as well alone, and his preparations last night for the trip precluded seeking companionship.

The files on Professor Giles were open on his desk, and he was catching up on the man's medical history. The only moment of real note was his injury some years ago, out in the Roughs. A stained, scribbled, creased and slightly torn note on the back of a receipt for grain, hay, seed, and for some reason hinges was the totality of the reports from the Roughs themselves, attached as an addendum to the check-up Renzo's own predecessor had given Professor Giles when he returned, several weeks later. By then, most of his wounds had healed. What little Doc could decipher of the original notes made no sense, and he despaired of medical practice in the Roughs. The rest of his team was lucky, they'd have the best doctor in Elendel to stitch them up. If I take a bullet, Renzo thought to himself, I'll be at the mercy of these incompetent sawbones. Perhaps I could take some sort of apprentice out there...
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